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Current Affairs - 18 October 2015

General Affairs

Rail Neer Scam: 2 Railway Officials Suspended Over Corruption Charges
  • Rail Neer Scam: 2 Railway Officials Suspended Over Corruption ChargesNEW DELHI:  Railways have suspended two senior officials following searches carried out by the CBI and recovery of Rs 20 crore in cash in connection with alleged corruption in supply of packaged drinking water in premium trains.

    The suspension order was issued against the two officials in the alleged corruption in supply of packaged drinking water in trains late night, said a senior Railway Ministry official.

    The officials involved in the case are the then Chief Commercial Managers (PS and Catering) of Northern Railway MS Chalia and Sandeep Silas.

    CBI had recovered Rs 20 crore in cash during searches at 13 locations against two former Northern Railways officials and seven private firms in connection with alleged corruption in supply of packaged drinking water other than mandatory 'Rail Neer' in premium trains.

    Rail Neer is produced and supplied by IRCTC in trains. IRCTC has set up Rail Neer plants at several places including Nangloi, Danapur, Chennai and Amethi.

    While Chennai produces about 15,000 cartons of Rail Neer per day, Nangloi produces about 11,000 cartons and Danapur produces about 7500 cartons per day. One carton contains 12 bottles.

    "Our mandate is to produce and supply Rail Neer to railways and railways decide on where it will be sent," said a senior IRCTC official.

    IRCTC official said Rail Neer is available in all trains where catering service is managed by it. "We ensure Rail Neer at all those trains where IRCTC is entrusted with catering responsibility."

    Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu has also asked Chairman Railway Board to investigate complaints into IRCTC booking and ordered technical audit of IRCTC web bookings.

    "Chair Rail Board will investigate complaints into IRCTC bookings to ensure full transparency. Complete technical audit ordered for web bookings on IRCTC. No one will be allowed to manipulate a system," Mr Prabhu had tweeted.

    It was alleged that the accused had shown favour to private firms in supply of cheap packaged drinking water (PDW) other than mandatory 'Rail Neer' in premium trains.

    CBI spokesperson Devpreet Singh had said yesterday that it was alleged that the Railway Board had prescribed that IRCTC shall provide Rail Neer at a rate of Rs 10.50 (approx) per bottle to the private caterers and the private caterers will be paid Rs 15 (approx) per bottle for supplying the same to passengers in premium trains.

    However, the private suppliers in order to obtain undue gain, were allegedly supplying cheap packaged water, other than "Rail Neer", available in the market at a rate of Rs 5.70 to 7.00 (approx) per bottle, thereby causing gain to themselves and loss to the exchequer, the official said.

    "The accused public servants allegedly did not take any action against the private parties providing catering services in the premium trains despite repeated requests of IRCTC for non-picking of allotted quota of 'Rail Neer' by Private Caterers," the spokesperson had said.

      Centre Unlikely to Seek Review of Supreme Court Order on NJAC
      • Centre Unlikely to Seek Review of Supreme Court Order on NJACNEW DELHI:  The government is unlikely to rush seeking a review of the Supreme Court verdict which overturned its law on appointment of judges to higher judiciary but would put forth its views on ways to improve the collegium system when the top court takes up the matter next month.

        A day after the Supreme Court termed as unconstitutional the National Judicial Appointments Commission (NJAC) Act and a related Constitutional Amendment Act, the issues of filing a review and giving the top court suggestions on how the collegium system, which staged a comeback after the ruling, can be improved were discussed at a meeting Law Minister DV Sadananda Gowda held with his ministry officials in Delhi today.

        Sources in the government said that seeking a review of the verdict is "almost ruled out".

        They said a final decision will be taken after more deliberations.

        A final decision on what exactly government wants to convey to the top court on collegium system would be taken after Mr Gowda discusses the issue with senior cabinet colleagues and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

        Since Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi was not present in today's meeting, Mr Gowda would also seek his views on the issue.

        At the Supreme Court hearing on November 3, the government would suggest changes that would ensure the independence of the judiciary while at the same time taking care of its view that 'judges appointing judges' is not the best practice.

        As part of its strategy to deal with the verdict, the government could also convene an all-party meeting to take everyone along on the key legislation.

        If the all-party meeting is convened ahead of the winter session of parliament, it is expected to evolve a consensus given the fact that the legislation was first brought by the previous NDA government, later pushed by UPA dispensation and finally cleared by parliament last year.

        The NDA government suffered a setback on Friday with the Supreme Court striking down as unconstitutional NJAC Act which gives a major role to the executive in appointing judges to higher judiciary.

        The ambitious NJAC Act, 2014 to replace the 22-year-old collegium system of judges appointing judges was struck down by a five-judge Constitution Bench.

      India-Japan-US: A New Asia-Pacific Naval Alliance?
      • India-Japan-US: A New Asia-Pacific Naval Alliance?ON BOARD USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT:  Three hundred kilometres southeast of Chennai, the deck of the US super carrier Theodore Roosevelt is abuzz with activity. Six F/A-18 Super Hornet jets catapult off the deck of the ship, three helicopters fly in formation nearby and four warships from India, the US and Japan sail past the American carrier.

        It's all a part of this year's Malabar Exercises, the most complex naval engagement ever between India, the United States and Japan, exercises which feature submarines, guided missile cruisers and almost brand new destroyers and frigates packing some of the most advanced Naval war fighting systems available.

        Key to the exercises is the Roosevelt, the nuclear powered aircraft carrier known to her crew as The Big Stick. Weighing in at more than 100,000 tonnes, the Roosevelt embarks more than 3,500 crew members and 90 aircraft. She is a floating airfield, a single ship with more firepower than what entire Navies of many countries possess.

        The Roosevelt is presently at the centre of the US Navy's Seventh Fleet, the same fleet that had cruised into the Bay of Bengal at the height of the Indo-Pak war in 1971.

        Back then, the 7th fleet was a threat to India.

        How times have changed.

        Japanese Destroyer Akizuki takes part in the Malabar exercises.
        Today, the US, India and Japan who are all participating in these exercises are working together, perhaps more so than ever before. Key to the US shifting its area of interest to the Asia Pacific region is its participation in exercises like this - exercises which feature the Indian and Japanese Navies as well. It's no coincidence that these exercises are being held in the Bay of Bengal. All the three nations are closely observing the growing Chinese presence in the waters of the Pacific, the South China Sea where it is creating artificial islands and in the Indian Ocean region as well.

        Asked whether India, the US and Japan were in the process of building a Naval alliance against China, Rear Admiral Roy Kelley, the Commander of the US Navy's Carrier Strike Group 12 told NDTV, an alliance "has to happen" though "I would hate to say against any particular country or focus area." According to the Admiral, "these three powerful countries are working together to ensure that we have a good exchange of commerce going through an important part of the world."

        Neither is China oblivious to what is happening off India's Eastern seaboard. An article in the China Daily, a government mouthpiece states "The US concept of Asia Pivot revolves around isolating China and creating a block of Regional and Extra Regional 2nd tier powers to strategically suffocate China in the 21 century. These second tier powers include India, Australia and Japan."

        The Chinese concerns are also based, at least partly, on the inaugural US-India-Japan Ministerial meet in Washington in September where all sides "underscored the importance of international law and peaceful settlement of disputes; freedom of navigation and overflight; and unimpeded lawful commerce, including in the South China Sea."

        The E-2 Hawkeye Airborne Warning and Control Aircraft.
        At the Malabar exercises, however, China is only a distant concern. The most immediate task is to ensure that in these exercises an Indian submarine, lurking in these waters, doesn't come within torpedo striking range of the Roosevelt and her escort ships.

        The Americans know the Indian Navy to be highly skilled. In an interview to NDTV, Captain Craig Clapperton, the Commanding Officer, USS Theodore Roosevelt has said, "The Indian Navy comes with a fantastic reputation. One of the most capable Navies in the world and I'll tell you, in the last 24 hours, operating with the Indian ships out here, I've been incredibly impressed with their seamanship, their professionalism and their ability to command these extremely complex exercises."

        The Malabar exercises this time involve almost the entire range of Naval exercises - air defence, anti-submarine warfare, surface drills by warships of the three sides and special forces exercises as well which will see India's Marine Commandos and US Navy SEALS working together. According to Captain Clapperton, "All three Navies are rotating Command and Control for what we call serials and so far the Indians have taken command of two or three of them and have done a fantastic job."

        The exercises that will go on till the 19th of the month will bring together three close allies and friends. But whether these exercises eventually result in the creation of a Naval order in the Asia Pacific region is a larger question that remains unanswered at least for the moment.

      Security Increased at Rajkot Stadium After Hardik Patel's Threat
      • Security Increased at Rajkot Stadium After Hardik Patel's ThreatRAJKOT/AHMEDABAD:  Ahead of the third ODI cricket match between India and South Africa to be held on Sunday, Rajkot stadium has been fortified to ensure smooth conduct of the match.

        Mobile internet services will also be suspended from 10pm tonight till the end of the match on Sunday to prevent rumour-mongering.

        The security arrangements have been increased after Patel quota agitation leader Hardik Patel on Friday said that he would block the way of Indian and South African cricket teamsto the Saurashtra Cricket Association (SCA) stadium and not let them enter the venue.

        The 22-year-old leader today said that he and his supporters have got tickets for the match and they will go to the stadium.

        He has also urged the Patel community members to remain present in large numbers during the match to raise their demand for reservation under OBC quota for which they have been agitating over last two months.

        "We have asked around 50,000 community members to rush to the SCA stadium tomorrow for agitation," the Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) convener said.

        "My match ticket has been purchased by Rajkot unit of PAAS and I am going to attend the match tomorrow," he said.

        In the wake of the threat and the violence that the state witnessed recently over the quota stir, police have fortified the stadium, located on the outskirts of Rajkot city at Khandheri village, which will host the third ODI match under the Gandhi-Mandela freedom series.

        "Over two thousand policemen, three companies of State Reserve Police Force (SRPF), one company of Rapid Action Force (RAF), and seven teams of quick response cells (QRC) and five Superintendents of Police (SPs) have been deployed to ensure smooth conduct of the match," Rajkot Range IG DR Patel said.

        Besides, three drone cameras and 90 CCTVs have been installed at the stadium to closely monitor each and every movement of the viewers, he said, adding that if any police personnel on duty is caught watching the match instead of monitoring the crowd, will be punished.

        Meanwhile, Hardik's close aide Dinesh Patel said PAAS conveners of Saurashtra region and other associates will go to watch the match and if they are stopped, the state government will have to face the wrath of the Patel community.

        "Hardik and members of PAAS, including Chirag Patel, Ketan Patel and myself have obtained tickets of the match and we will surely go to the venue tomorrow.

        "If we are stopped or detained tomorrow, then our Patel community members will hold protest against the state and their police, who will then face our wrath," Dinesh said.

        He claimed that more than 50,000 members of the community will throng the match venue to "press for our demands (for inclusion of the community in OBC quota) at an international event so that the world community will get to know about our demands."

        When asked whether their stir will spoil the country's image, Dinesh said, "We believe that the world should see how the Patel community is being harassed in the so-called development model of Gujarat".

        He also expressed apprehensions that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) workers would cause a disruption at the stadium and blame Patels for that.

        "We have reports that BJP men will create a ruckus at the match venue and they will blame us for that. They are going to spoil the image of the country, we will never wish that," he said.

        Meanwhile, SCA honorary secretary Niranjan Shah urged Hardik not to protest during the Rajkot match.

        "This is a sport event and thus this is not a proper platform to agitate for such a demand. I humbly urge Hardik not to agitate during the Rajkot match and I am confident that he would consider my request," Mr Shah told reporters.

        Rajkot district collector Manisha Chandra has asked officials with magisterial power to ensure that the match is played in a peaceful atmosphere.

      Iran Rejects Criticism of Its Missile Test

      • Iran Rejects Criticism of Its Missile TestTEHRAN:  Iran said today that its recent test launch of a long-range missile does not violate UN Security Council resolutions as claimed by the United States and France.

        "Our missile tests have nothing to do with Resolution 2231, which only mentions missiles designed to carry nuclear warheads," Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told a news conference.

        Speaking in Tehran alongside his German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier, he added: "None of the Islamic Republic of Iran's missiles have been designed for nuclear capabilities."

        Iran announced Sunday it had successfully tested a new domestically produced long-range missile without specifying its exact range.

        Defence Minister Hossein Dehghan said the new missile "can be guided and controlled until hitting the target."

        The US ambassador to the UN Samantha Power on Friday said the missile launched by Iran is a "medium-range ballistic missile inherently capable of delivering a nuclear weapon".

        "This was a clear violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1929," she said, echoing similar criticism from the French foreign ministry, adding that the US would seek action at the Security Council.

        Resolution 1929 prohibits Tehran from conducting ballistic missiles tests.

        Resolution 2231, which was adopted a few days after Iran struck the July 14 landmark nuclear deal with world powers, bars Iran from developing missiles "designed to carry nuclear warheads".

        The nuclear deal reached with Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States aims to limit Iran's nuclear program in return for lifting international sanctions.

        Iran insists it has no plans to develop atomic weapons.

        Zarif told the news conference that "nuclear weapons have no place in the military doctrine of Iran" and said that the missile programme of the Islamic republic does not violate UN resolutions.

      Business Affairs 

      September fuel demand rises fastest in 10 years
      • Petrol sales increased 25.4 per cent to 1.9 million tonnes from the same month a year ago.India's fuel consumption in September grew the fastest in a decade, official data showed on Friday.
        According to data from the Petroleum Planning and Analysis Cell (PPAC), fuel demand went up 15.1 per cent in September from the same month a year ago, which marks the biggest rise since August 2005.
        On the back of robust diesel and petrol sales last month, fuel sales in India totalled 14.70 million tonnes.
        Diesel consumption in September rose 20.1 per cent to 5.89 million tonnes, recording the strongest rise since August 2005. It accounts for 40 per cent of refined fuels used in the country.
        Poor monsoon rains leading to greater demand for pump irrigation led to a rise in diesel sales.
        Petrol sales increased 25.4 per cent to 1.9 million tonnes from the same month a year ago, as demand for passenger vehicles rose in September.
        New launches and positive consumer sentiment during festive season coupled with lower fuel prices gave a boost last month to domestic passenger car sales which grew by 9.48 per cent, industry data showed last week.
        Cooking gas sales increased 4.1 per cent to 1.6 million tonnes, while naphtha sales rose 38.4 per cent to 1.2 million tonnes.
        Meanwhile, effective from Friday, the retail price of diesel was hiked Rs.0.95 a litre in Delhi with corresponding increase in other states.

      SpiceJet to order 'significant' number of aircraft this fiscal
      • SpiceJet is looking at placing order for a "significant" number of aircraft this financial year and negotiations are on with manufacturers, the no-frills carrier 's chairman Ajay Singh said on Friday.
        Without divulging details, he said the number of aircraft to be ordered will depend on the deal that it gets from the manufacturers.
        "We are negotiating with manufacturers. We hope that the order can be placed in this financial year... This will be for a significant number of aircraft. We still have to decide on the exact number and it would depend upon the deal that we get from the manufacturers," Singh said.
        The carrier is also exploring the possibility of buying smaller aircraft.
        "We are inducting six aircraft this month. This will be the largest induction by any airline in India in a single month and we are very hopeful that we will do well," Singh noted.
        At present, SpiceJet has a fleet of at least 35 aircraft that includes Boeing 737s and Bombardier Q400s.
        Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a conference in New Delhi, organised by aircraft maker Boeing, he pitched for cost reduction in the domestic aviation.
        India is a very price sensitive market and there is a need to bring down cost by rationalising taxation, reducing cost of airports as well as that of ATF (Aviation Turbine Fuel), he added.
        "The most important is that if you bring down the cost of aviation we will be able to bring down our fares and many more middle class Indians can fly. Today, the total traffic is 70 million passengers in a year, now one passenger typically flies three times in a year. So if you divide, just 25 million Indians are flying today in a population of 1.2 billion people. That is a massive opportunity," he noted.
        Singh, the original co-founder, took back the reins last December amid SpiceJet facing turbulent times.
        He acquired 58.46 per cent stake from then promoters Kalanithi Maran and Kal Airways.

            Aditya Birla Group makes e-commerce debut with
            • Aditya Birla Group Chairman Kumar Mangalam BirlaWith online retailers stealing a march over traditional formats, conglomerate Aditya Birla Group on Friday entered the e-commerce space by launching fashion portal
              "The e-commerce sector is a sunrise sector from an investment point of view. While a lot has happened in the last couple of years, a lot more is yet to happen in this space," Aditya Birla Group Chairman Kumar Mangalam Birla said at the launch.
              "With, we aim to offer a wide but curated range of merchandise and a differentiated shopping experience that can compete with the best in the world. We see abof emerging as the most admired player in online fashion within the next three years," he added.
     ('All about fashion') is a one-stop fashion portal for apparel, footwear and accessories for men and women who are discerning customers but not heavy-discount oriented ones.
              The portal, that was launched after nine months of work, will not offer kids' apparel.
              Aditya Birla Group is already present in the fashion space through Madura Fashion and Pantaloons.
              "Therefore, it made sense for us to enter into fashion e-commerce to further strengthen our pole position in the business of fashion in India. We see the potential to build another billion-dollar business of the Group in this space," he said.
              Birla said the new venture will be complementary to its existing fashion business like Madura Fashion that houses brands like Allen Solly, Peter England, Van Heusen and Louis Phillipe, among others.
              He declined to divulge the investment in the new venture and said it is privately held.
              The online portal claims to have a first-of-its-kind 3D virtual trial room with 95 per cent accuracy.
              Customers can instantly view themselves in any product by inputting their basic body proportions and the tool allows one to layer various garments to check out looks.
              "We may bring global brands later. We have about 5,000 PIN codes covered and have a warehouse at Bengaluru. We will have another warehouse in the NCR in the next three months," President and Chief Executive Officer Prashant Gupta said.
              The portal will offer 7,000 products initially and the company plans to take the total to 20,000 in next few months.
              The company said half the products will be from the Group's companies, while others will be sourced externally which will be curated by

            Bharti Airtel deal to sell over 3,500 towers in Africa collapses
            • Bharti Airtel deal to sell over 3,500 towers in Africa collapsesBharti Airtel on Friday said the deal to sell over 3,500 telecom towers in Africa to Eaton Towers has lapsed and stands terminated.
              "The agreements for sale of tower assets in Africa  Airtel Malawi Holdings B.V. & ors. and Eaton Towers (Lilongwe) Ltd & ors. has lapsed and therefore stands terminated," Bharti Airtel said in a regulatory filing.
              Last year in September, Airtel announced that it has sold over 3,500 telecom towers in Africa to Eaton Towers.
              As part of the deal, Airtel was to sell and lease back over 3,500 towers to Eaton in 6 countries across its African operations under a 10-year contract.
              The company had said the agreement would allow Airtel to focus on its core business and customers, enable it to deleverage through debt reduction, and would significantly reduce its ongoing capital expenditure on passive infrastructure.
              Shares of Bharti Airtel fell 2.98 per cent in intrad-day trade on Friday. It however, recoverd to close 0.46 per cent down at Rs 349.85 as compared to Thursday's close of Rs 351.45.

                    Companies issue record number of stock options in 2014/15. Will this help them retain talent?
                    • It's Raining ESOPsNamita Arora (name changed), a manager with a leading private sector bank, sounds excited while confirming the news that she and her other seniors have been rewarded with employee stock options plans (ESOPs), worth around Rs 11 lakh each.
                      She is not alone. India Inc is doling out ESOPs generously this year. Numbers from the ACE Equity database show that around 28 per cent of the BSE 500 companies issued ESOPs in 2014/15, up from 24 per cent in 2013/14 and 23 per cent in 2011/12. India Inc's increasing fascination for issuing stock options to reward employees is very much evident in ESOP volumes, too. In 2014/15, the number of such options totalled 32.2 crore, the highest since 2006/07.
                      Anandorup Ghose, partner, Aon Hewitt, attributes the recent spurt in ESOP issuances to rising stock markets. "Indian companies are becoming mature and adopting this vehicle. However, in the short term, rising markets are driving the trend," he says. Rising markets are usually a signal that the economy is reviving, which means higher attrition levels, making ESOPs useful. Sonu Iyer, Tax Partner & National Leader, Human Capital Services, EY India, says: "Existing companies are increasingly using ESOPs to motivate and retain top talent in a competitive market. The factors that make ESOPs popular are the freedom in designing them and their self-funding nature."
                      Stock markets were doing well in the first half of 2015, with the BSE Sensex touching 29,000 points in March and April. However, with foreign institutional investors pulling out over Rs 20,000 crore since August, investors are getting jittery. Harshu Ghate, Co-founder and CEO, ESOP Direct, says: "ESOPs are a long-term instrument and short-term volatility should not have an impact on their attractiveness. In fact, now is the right time to grant ESOPs as employees will get them at lower prices."
                      With India moving to new accounting standards in a few months, Ghate foresees a trend of companies issuing ESOPs at face value to benefit from the accounting charge. The software industry was the first in India to start giving ESOPs in a big way, but now even sectors such as manufacturing, finance and infrastructure are catching up. "All sectors, including the traditional ones such as manufacturing, infrastructure and real estate, find it difficult to attract and retain key managerial talent. Emergence of new sectors such as e-commerce, logistics, health care and education has added to this challenge," says Ghate. In fact, the government has also caught the ESOP bug. It is formulating an ESOP policy for the top management of public sector banks.
                      Now, a fundamentally important question - are companies using ESOPs as a broad-based instrument across all levels? Not really, says Ghose of Aon Hewitt. He says it was a trend in the 1990s but not now. In fact, there has been a reduction in the coverage. As per a survey by ESOP Direct in December 2014, CEO/CXO and other senior management level people are getting around 69 per cent of the options.
                      "Globally, while stock options/RSUs (restricted stock units) and SARs (stock appreciation rights) are issued at higher management levels, employees at large participate in stock purchase plans, which are not yet popular in India," says Ghate. In RSUs, the employee does not receive the shares immediately but according to a vesting plan. SARs resemble employee stock options in that the employee benefits from an increase in the company's stock price. With influx of start-ups, are other companies revisiting their compensation policies? Not exactly, as there is no linear correlation between them. "It will be incorrect to generalise. Start-ups which are scaling up fast are influencing compensation structures in industries from where they are poaching talent. But all start-ups do not grow that fast and recruit laterally," says Ghate. "As far as ESOPs are concerned, it's a proven fact that ESOPs in companies that are unlisted and at the start-up stage give much more benefits (though risks are also higher) than ESOPs in steady and established companies."
                      But have the latest issuances been effective against poaching and brain drain? "It is too early to say that, as its impact will be visible over two-three years," says Ghose. Till now, plain vanilla ESOPs have more or less been the trend. "However, large conglomerates are now experimenting with different alternatives such as restricted and performance shares, which work on the same fundamentals but are structured differently," he says.

                        General Awareness

                        List of Museums in India

                          • A museum is a place where we store and exhibits the objects of historical ,scientific,artistic and cultural areas.The given below list contains the state wise list of museums in India .

                            Andaman and Nicobar Islands
                            Anthropological MuseumPort Blair
                            Samudrika (Naval Marine Museum)Delanipur
                            Andhra Pradesh
                            Bhagwan Mahavir Government MuseumKadapa
                            INS KursuraVisakhapatnam
                            Victoria Jubilee MuseumVijayawada
                            Visakha Museum(Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation Museum)Visakhapatnam
                            Salar Jung MuseumDarushifa
                            Birla Science MuseumHyderabad
                            Nizam MuseumHyderabad
                            AP State Archaeology Museum or Hyderabad MuseumHyderabad
                            Arunachal Pradesh
                            Jawaharlal Nehru MuseumItanagar
                            Assam State Museum,Guwahati
                            Mayong Central Museum and EmporiumMayong
                            Srimanta Sankaradeva KalakshetraGuwahati
                            Patna MuseumPatna
                            Bihar MuseumPatna
                            Gandhi Smriti SangrahalayaBhitiharwa
                            Gaya MuseumGaya
                            Maharaja Lakshmeshwar Singh MuseumDarbhanga
                            Chandra Shekhar Singh MuseumJamui
                            Srikrishna Science CentrePatna
                            Bihar Police MuseumPatna
                            Rajendra Smriti Sangrahalaya (Rajendra Memorial Museum)Patna
                            Government Museum and Art GalleryChandigarh
                            International Dolls MuseumChandigarh
                            Museum of Evolution of LifeChandigarh
                            National Capital Territory of Delhi
                            Indian Air Force MuseumPalam, Delhi
                            Eternal Gandhi Multimedia MuseumNew Delhi
                            National Gandhi MuseumNew Delhi
                            National Gallery of Modern ArtNew Delhi
                            National Handicrafts and Handlooms MuseumNew Delhi
                            National MuseumNew Delhi
                            National Museum of Natural HistoryNew Delhi
                            National Rail MuseumNew Delhi
                            National Science CentreDelhi
                            Nehru Memorial Museum & LibraryNew Delhi
                            Parliament MuseumNew Delhi
                            Teen Murti BhavanNew Delhi
                            Sanskriti Kendra MuseumDelhi
                            Shankar’s International Dolls MuseumDelhi
                            Goa Chitra MuseumBenaulim
                            Goa Science CentrePanaji
                            Goa State MuseumPanaji
                            Naval Aviation MuseumVasco da Gama
                            Baroda Museum & Picture GalleryVadodara
                            Calico Museum of TextilesAhmedabad
                            Gandhi Smarak SangrahalayaAhmedabad
                            Gujarat Science CityAhmedabad
                            Lalbhai Dalpatbhai MuseumAhmedabad
                            Kaba Gandhi No DeloRajkot
                            Kirti MandirPorbandar
                            Kutch MuseumBhuj
                            Maharaja Fateh Singh MuseumVadodara
                            Sabarmati AshramAhmedabad
                            Sanskar KendraAhmedabad
                            Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National MemorialAhmedabad
                            Swaminarayan MuseumAhmedabad
                            Watson MuseumRajkot
                            Dharohar MuseumKurukshetra University
                            Himachal Pradesh
                            Library of Tibetan Works and ArchivesDharamsala
                            Shivalik Fossil ParkSaketi
                            Jammu and Kashmir
                            Munshi Aziz Bhat Museum of Central Asian and Kargil Trade ArtifactsKargil
                            Dogra Art MuseumJammu
                            Ranchi Science CentreRanchi
                            State MuseumJharkhand
                            Government MuseumBangalore
                            Kempegowda MuseumBangalore
                            Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological MuseumBangalore
                            HAL heritage and Aerospace MuseumBangalore
                            Law MuseumBangalore
                            Regional Museum of Natural HistoryMysore
                            Folklore MuseumMysore
                            Jayachamarajendra MuseumMysore
                            Mysore Rail MuseumMysore
                            Government Museum(Shivappa Nayaka Palace)Shivamogga
                            Arakkal MuseumAyikkara
                            Teak MuseumNilambur
                            Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Police MuseumKollam
                            Krishnapuram PalaceKayamkulam
                            Indo-Portuguese MuseumKochi
                            Vallathol Museum, ThrissurThrissur
                            Mural Art MuseumThrissur
                            Archaeological Museum, ThrissurThrissur
                            Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda MuseumThrissur
                            Indian Business MuseumKozhikode
                            Kerala Soil MuseumThiruvananthapuram
                            Napier MuseumThiruvananthapuram
                            Pazhassi Raja Archaeological MuseumKozhikode
                            Wayanad Heritage MuseumAmbalavayal
                            Hill PalaceThrippunithura
                            Madhya Pradesh
                            Bharat BhavanBhopal
                            Regional Science CentreBhopal
                            Remember Bhopal MuseumBhopal
                            Central MuseumIndore
                            Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav SangrahalayaBhopal
                            Maharaja Chhatrasal MuseumDhubela
                            Rani Durgavati MuseumJabalpur
                            Prince of Wales Museum (Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya)Mumbai
                            National Gallery of Modern ArtMumbai
                            Nehru PlanetariumMumbai
                            Nehru Science CenterMumbai
                            Ballard Bunder GatehouseMumbai
                            Bhau Daji Lad MuseumMumbai
                            Cavalry Tank MuseumAhmednagar
                            Coin MuseumNasik
                            Cowasji Jehangir HallMumbai
                            Darshan MuseumPune
                            Joshi’s Museum of Miniature RailwayPune
                            Mahatma Phule MuseumPune
                            Mani BhavanMumbai
                            Nagpur Central MuseumNagpur
                            Raja Dinkar Kelkar MuseumPune
                            Raman Science CentreNagpur
                            National Maritime MuseumMumbai
                            Shree Chhatrapati Shahu MuseumKolhapur
                            Siddhagiri Gramjivan Museum (Kaneri Math), KolhapurKolhapur
                            Manipur State MuseumImphal
                            Sekta Archaeological Living MuseumImphal
                            Mizoram State MuseumAizawl
                            Odisha State MuseumBhubaneswar
                            Regional Museum of Natural History Bhubaneswar, Odisha
                            Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports( National Institute of Sports)Patiala
                            Sanghol MuseumSanghol
                            Sikh AjaibgharBalongi
                            City Palace MuseumJaipur
                            Albert Hall MuseumJaipur
                            Archaeological Museum – AmerJaipur
                            Govt. Museum ,Ajmer
                            Bharatiya Lok Kala Museum,Udaipur
                            Govt. Museum,BharatpurBharatpur
                            Govt. Museum,Alwar
                            Govt. MuseumJodhpur
                            Mehrangarh MuseumJodhpur
                            Umaid Bhavan Palace MuseumJodhpur
                            Namgyal Institute of Tibetology,Gangtok
                            Tamil Nadu
                            Gandhi Memorial MuseumMadurai
                            Gass Forest MuseumCoimbatore
                            Government Museum(Madras Museum)Chennai
                            Government MuseumKarur
                            Government MuseumCuddalore
                            Government MuseumPudukkottai
                            Mahakavi Bharathi Memorial LibraryErode
                            Regional Railway MuseumChennai
                            Railway Heritage CentreTiruchirappalli
                            Government MuseumTiruchirappalli
                            Alampur Museum, AlampurMahbubnagar
                            AP State Archeology Museum(Hyderabad Museum)Hyderabad
                            Birla Science MuseumHyderabad
                            Salar Jung MuseumDarushifa
                            Tripura Government Museum,Agartala
                            Uttar Pradesh
                            Allahabad MuseumAllahabad
                            Kanpur Sangrahalaya(Kanpur Museum)Kanpur
                            Government Museum(Mathura museum)Mathura
                            Sarnath MuseumVaranasi
                            Jhansi MuseumJhansi
                            Anand BhavanAllahabad
                            West Bengal

                            Birla Industrial & Technological MuseumKolkata
                            Gurusaday MuseumKolkata
                            Indian MuseumKolkata
                            Malda MuseumEnglish Bazar
                            Rabindra MuseumKalimpong
                            National MuseumKolkata
                            Netaji MuseumKolkata
                            Victoria Memorial Hall

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