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Friday, October 31, 2014

Current Affairs - 31 October 2014

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The Union Finance Ministry on 30 October 2014 issued new austerity measures in view of lower revenue realization. These measures included cut in non-plan expenditure and ban on creation of new posts. How much reduction in non-plan expenditure had been proposed?

  • 10%
    An office memorandum issued by the Expenditure Department of the Finance Ministry stated that for the year 2014-15, every Ministry/Department shall affect a mandatory 10% cut in non-plan expenditure which will exclude interest payment, repayment of debt, defence capital, salaries, pension and Finance Commission grants to the States. The Ministry also made it clear that Government officials will not travel in first class. These measures have been announced after indirect tax collection grew mere 5.8% during first six months of the current fiscal against the budgeted target of 25.8%.

Which country on 30 October 2014 became the first major European nation to accord official recognition to Palestine and thus drawing sharp criticism from Israel?

  • Sweden
    Swedish announcement about giving recognition to Palestine came just a few weeks after new Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said his government would become the first major European nation to make this move. This announcement places Sweden among more than 100 others that recognize a Palestinian state. Most Western nations still don’t recognize Palestine, and many said they don’t plan to follow Sweden. European Union (EU) member states – such as Hungary and Poland that do recognize a Palestinian state did so before they joined the bloc.

Which African country’s government was toppled on 30 October 2014 by protestors who were against country’s President’s plans to further extend his 27-year rule through a vote of motion in the Parliament?

  • Burkina Faso
    President Blaise Compaoré had planned a vote on the motion on 30 October 2014 to further extend his 27-year rule in Burkina Faso. But this was thwarted by thousands of protestors who surged through the streets of Ouagadougou, the capital, overrunning state broadcasters, setting fire to Parliament and burning the homes of the president’s relatives. Later the government was dismissed by a Presidential order and martial law was imposed in the country. If the protests do unseat President Compaoré, it will be the first time since the Arab Spring that a popular movement has succeeded in removing an autocrat in sub-Saharan Africa.

Who was named as the acting President of Zambia on 29 October 2014 after death of President Michael Sata?

  • Guy Scott
    Guy Scott is the Zambian Vice President and was appointed as the acting president until elections are held within 90 days. Scott is the first white leader of an African nation since F.W. de Klerk, the last president of apartheid, the South African system of white racist rule that ended in 1994. His appointment was announced by Defence Minister Edgar Lungu.

An unmanned commercial supply rocket of US space agency NASA bound for the International Space Station (ISS) exploded moments after lift-off on 28 October 2014 resulting in a setback for NASA and drawing criticism over the space agency’s growing reliance on private U.S. companies. What was the name of the company whose rocket Antares was involved in this mishap?

  • Orbital Sciences Corp.
    This accident took place at Orbital Sciences Corp.’s launch complex at Wallops Island in Virginia. Antares rocket blew up over the launch complex, just six seconds after the lift-off. This was the second launch attempt for the mission. Orbital Sciences Corp. is a U.S. based company specializing in the design, manufacture and launch of small- and medium- class space and rocket systems for commercial, military and civil government customers. Antares is a two-stage launch vehicle designed to deliver medium-class payloads weighing up to 6120 kg into space.

Global consulting firm McKinsey & Company on 30 October 2014 released a report which identified 49 ‘metropolitan clusters’ that could be growth hotspots in India. These 49 metropolitan clusters will drive about 77% of India’s incremental GDP from 2012-2025 and by year 2025, they would be home to 72% of the consuming class and 73% of income pool. How many of these clusters are situated in ‘performing and low performing’ states of the country?

  • 29
    This McKinsey report is titled ‘India’s economic geography in 2025: States, Clusters and Cities’ and pertains with metropolitan clusters in India. A ‘metropolitan cluster’ is a group of districts that have high economic potential, are contiguous such that each cluster represents serviceable market, and have a metropolitan district as the nucleus. The report has forecast India’s average economic growth over the period 2012 to 2025 could be in the region of 7.2% a year. This forecast is assuming a scenario of ‘growth renewal’.

Questions for competative exams

  • 1. Who is the chairman of 7th pay commission ?
    answer: Justice Ashok Kumar Mathur

    2. Where is the venue of 101st Indian science congress ?
    answer:  Jammu 

    3. Who launches National Mission on Libraries ?
    Answer: Pranab Mukherjee 

    4. Who won the DSC prize 2014 ?
    Answer: Cyrus Mistry 

    5. 38th circus festival was celebrated at ?
    answer: Monte-Carlo 

     6. Who is the new CEO of Microsoft ?
    answer: Satya Nadella 

    7.  Who is the new chairman of Microsoft ?
    answer: John Thompson 

    8.  Who is the German president, recently visited India ?
    answer: Joachim Gauck 

     9. Who become the first women umpire in ICC Panel ?
     answer: Kathy Cross

     10. Who is the chief guest of republic day parade 2014 of India ?
     answer: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

    11. Which is the fastest supercomputer in the world ?
    answer:  Tiahne-2

    12. Which is the first  Indian state to achieve over 100% sanitation ?
    answer: Sikkim

    13. Where is The third World Congress on Agro-forestry 2014 held?
    Answer: Delhi

    14. which country joined Euro zone as its 18th member ?
    Answer: Latvia joined  as 18th member

    15. Which high court banned the transfer of IAS, IPS and IFS officers till the re-composition of the Civil Services Board?
     Answer: Allahabad high court 

    16. south sudan president name?
    Answer : Salva Kiir Mayardit 

    17.  which space organisation has launched carbon observatory-2 ?
    Answer: NASA

    18 . India's 1st post office savings bank ATM inaugurated at which place ?
    Answer:  Head Post Office in Thyagaraya Nagar , chennai

    19 . India's 1st post office savings bank ATM inaugurated by ?
    Answer:   P. Chidambaram (Union Finance Minister)

    20 . Who  won the women’s double Portugal Open title 2014 ?
    Answer: Sania Mirza and Cara Black

    21. who won World Snooker Championship title 2014 ?
    Answer: Mark Selby

    22. where is the headquarters of o.p.c.w organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons ?
    Answer:  The Hague, Netherlands

    23. Bocskai International Tournament is related to which game?
    Answer:  boxing

    24. What is the birth place of Adolf Hitler
    Answer: Austria

    25. where is the headquarters of WWF International ?
    Answer: Gland, Switzerland 

    26. what is the national game of Spain?
    Answer: bull fighting 

    27. In 1951, five year plan started in India.

    28. 12th 5 Year Plan (2012-2017) 

    29.  Main Theme of 12th Five year Plan “Faster, Sustainable & more inclusive growth".

    30. India’s NATIONAL TECHNOLOGY DAY----------- 11 May 

    31 . What is the full form for ANMI?
    Answer : Association of National Exchanges Members of India (ANMI)

    32 . head quarters of international maritime organisation?
    Answer : London

    33. Who is the author of devdas? 
    Answer: Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay  
Thursday, October 30, 2014

Current Affairs - 30 October 2014

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Which country was rated as the most bullish consumer market in the world in the Nielsen Global Consumer Confidence Index for third quarter of 2014 that was released on 29 October 2014?

  • India
    India was given 126 points, a drop of 2 points from previous quarter, in this index that was conducted between 13 August and 5 September 2014 and covered more than 30,000 consumers across 60 markets. The overall Global Consumer Confidence Index rose 1 point in the third quarter to 98. Australia saw the biggest increase in confidence index from the previous quarter, by 12 points, followed by Slovenia with a 9 point increase and Thailand with 8 points. In overall picture India was followed closely by Indonesia (125 points), the Philippines (115 points), Thailand (113 points), UAE (112) and China (111).

Which country was rated as the most pessimist consumer market in the world in the Nielsen Global Consumer Confidence Index for third quarter of 2014?

  • Italy
    Italy was given just 47 points, which was 4 points less than the last quarter. European countries generally were the most pessimistic, reflecting the conflict in Ukraine, faltering growth and the risk of deflation in the euro zone. Britain and Germany, however, saw consumer confidence improve. Countries just above Italy in this index were Croatia (49 points), Serbia (51 points), South Korea (52 points) and Portugal (53 points).

What milestone in numbers was achieved in Aadhaar identification issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) as on 28 October 2014?

  • 70 crore
    According to an announcement made by the UIDAI, around 70 crore Aadhaar numbers were issued till 28 October. Aadhaar is a 12-digit individual identification number issued by the Authority on behalf of the Government and contains various biometrics, such as iris or fingerprints. The number serves as proof of identity and address anywhere in India. 9 states, including Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Delhi and Himachal Pradesh, had crossed 90% Aadhaar coverage, while 16 had over 70% coverage. But only 26% Aadhaar coverage was achieved in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Uttarakhand and Chhattisgarh. In recent months, the Government has provided a fresh impetus to the UIDAI by linking Aadhaar to various entitlements and schemes, including the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY), MGNREGA, pensions, scholarships, direct benefit transfer, ration, passports, attendance system, among others.

The Union Govt. on 29 October 2014 placed a list of names of 627 Indian account holders is Swiss and other foreign banks before the Supreme Court in association with the black money case. These names are of which year as disclosed by Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi?

  • 2006
    Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi disclosed before the Supreme Court that the details of account holders are of year 2006 which were supplied by the French Government to the Indian Government in 2011. This data was stolen from HSBC Bank in Geneva which later reached France from where the government got the information. On its part the Supreme Court asked the Special Investigation Team (SIT) constituted by it to go through the list and take appropriate action in accordance with law.

What was India’s rank in World Bank’s latest “Ease of Doing Business” report that was released on 29 October 2014?

  • 142
    India’s rank of 142 was among 189 countries included in this report. India was ranked 140th in the last year’s edition of the list. India’s drop by 2 places in the report is mainly because other nations have performed much better. This report, however, does not take into account the latest slew of measures taken by Modi Government to make India a business friendly destination. Hence, World Bank officials cautioned against linking the latest ranking with the steps taken by the new Indian Government.

Which country was placed at the top position in World Bank’s latest “Ease of Doing Business” report that was released on 29 October 2014?

  • Singapore
    Singapore topped this list with 88.27 points and is followed by New Zealand, Hong Kong, Denmark and South Korea. Among other major countries, the US has been ranked seventh, Britain (eight), China (90), Sri Lanka (99), Nepal (108), Maldives (116), Bhutan (125), and Pakistan (128).

The logo of 2018 FIFA World Cup was revealed on 28 October 2014 by FIFA President Sepp Blatter. Which country is hosting this World Cup?

  • Russia
    The logo depicts the World Cup trophy in red and blue, colors from the Russian flag, with a gold trim. The 2018 FIFA World Cup to be hosted by Russia would be the 21st edition of Football World Cup.

Michael Sata, who passed away on 28 October 2014 while being treated in London, was President of which African country?

  • Zambia
    President Sata, who was being treated in the UK, died in London’s King Edward VII hospital at the age of 77 years on 28 October. He is the second Zambian leader to die in office after Levy Mwanawasa in 2008. Sata was elected Zambia’s president in 2011, defeating the then incumbent Rupiah Banda whose party had been in power for 20 years.


  • 1. Recently AIBA suspended which Indian woman boxer for not receiving the bronze medal at the Asian Games 2014?
    a) Laishram Sarita Devi
    b) M C Mary Kom
    c) Sarjubala Devi
    d) Kavita Goyat
  • 2. Recently an Indian chief hockey coach resigned but he decided not to go for his resignation. Name him.
    a) Erik Finman
    b) Austin Mahone
    c) Rui Gama Vaz
    d) Terry Walsh
  • 3. Tihar Jail Authority has established an e-library for which inmates in jail to sharpen their technical skills?
    a) Men
    b) Women
    c) Senior Citizen
    d) Children
  • 4. Which Congolese gynaecologist was awarded with the prestigious Sakharov human rights prize 2014?
    a) EuroMaidan
    b) Viktor Yanukovych
    c) Denis Mukwege Mukengere
    d) Leyla Yunus
  • 5. The first border market facility was inaugurated on the Indo-Bangla international border boost bilateral trade.
    a) Meghalaya
    b) Tripura
    c) Manipur
    d) Assam
  • 6. International Stammering Awareness Day was observed on.........October worldwide to raise awareness about the people who have the speech disorder.
    a) 21
    b) 22
    c) 23
    d) 24
  • 7. The Police Commemoration Day was observed on..........October in New Delhi as a mark of honour to brave police martyrs during their duty.
    a) 21
    b) 22
    c) 23
    d) 24
  • 8. Chief Executive officer of Europe's third largest oil company Total...................died in Moscow plane crash.
    a) Dmitry Medvedev
    b) Christophe de Margerie
    c) Viktor Yanukovych
    d) Denis Mukwege Mukengere
  • 9. Who among the following snatched World Billiards Championship (point format) 2014?
    a) Peter Gilchrist
    b) Sourav Kothari
    c) Pankaj Advani
    d) None of These
  • 10. A senior Google vice-president broke the world altitude record for highest free-fall parachute jump. Name him.
    a) Alan Eustace
    b) Cara Black
    c) Felix Baumgartner
    d) Dilma Rousseff
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    A D B C B B A B C A

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Current Affairs - 29 October 2014

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The Union Government sacked the heads of six Public Sector Unit (PSU) banks on 27 October 2014. This action was taken after submission of a report by a high-level committee in this issue that stated about irregularities being found in the selection process of the Chairman and Managing Directors (CMDs) of these banks. The CMDs who were sacked were associated with which six PSU banks?

  • Bank of Baroda, Canara Bank, Indian Overseas Bank, Oriental Bank of Commerce, United Bank and Vijaya Bank
    The probe into appointment of CMDs in PSU banks was ordered following the arrest and termination of Syndicate Bank CMD SK Jain for alleged graft during September 2014. Following this the Finance Ministry had set up a committee comprising Expenditure Secretary, RBI Governor and Secretary School Education to examine the selections to six PSU banks. The government has now scrapped the selection process adopted during the UPA Govt. and decided to fill vacancies of 8 posts of CMDs and 14 posts of Executive Directors through a fresh process involving RBI Governor or his nominee.

Which country on 28 October 2014 became the first developed country to shut its door on Ebola-hit countries by imposing a blanket ban on visas from West African nations?

  • Australia
    Australia announced refusal to entry for anyone from Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia, a decision criticised by experts and advocates as politically motivated and shortsighted. Australia has not recorded a case of Ebola despite a number of scares. The Ebola outbreak that began in March 2014 has killed nearly 5,000 people, the vast majority in West Africa.

44-year-old Devendra Fadnavis will be the new Chief Minister of Maharashtra and will take oath on 31 October 2014. He was elected as the leader of the Maharashtra Legislature Party on 28 October 2014. Fadnavis, who will be the first BJP Chief Minister of the state, has been a Mayor of which city of Maharashtra?

  • Nagpur
    Devendra Fadnavis became the Mayor of Nagpur in 1997 when he was just 27 year old. He thus became the second youngest Mayor in India. He also was the youngest municipal corporator of the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) at the age of 21 in 1992. As an MLA he represents Nagpur West constituency. The BJP fought the recent Assembly elections under his helm as state BJP President.

What was India’s rank in World Economic Forum’s 2014 gender gap index that was released on 27 October 2014?

  • 114th
    India’s rank of 114 was out of 142 countries that were analysed in this index. India slipped 13 spots from its last year’s ranking of 101 due to low score in parameters like economic participation, educational attainment and health and survival. India is part of the 20 worst-performing countries on the labour force participation, estimated earned income, literacy rate and sex ratio at birth indicators. On the other hand, India is among the top 20 best-performing countries on the political empowerment sub-index. The index was first introduced by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in 2006 as a framework for capturing the magnitude of gender-based disparities and tracking their progress. The index benchmarks national gender gaps on economic, political, education and health criteria.

Who was appointed as the new Chairman of the Prasar Bharti Board on 28 October 2014?

  • A. Surya Prakash
    A. Surya Prakash’s appointment came on the recommendation of a three-member committee headed by Vice President Hamid Ansari and comprising Press Council of India chairperson Markandey Katju and Bimal Julka, Secretary, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. He has been appointed for 3 years. Surya Prakash is a noted journalist and is at present the Consulting Editor, The Pioneer, and a distinguished fellow at the Vivekananda International Foundation.

Which two Formula One (F1) teams have filed for bankruptcy protection and will not race at the United States Grand Prix to be held on 2 November 2014?

  • Caterham and Marussia
    Caterham and Marussia have been placed into bankruptcy protection and will not race at the United States Grand Prix. Caterham was placed in bankruptcy administration on 24 October and was given special dispensation to miss the next two GPs while a buyer is sought.  This was followed by bankruptcy protection of Marussia on 27 October. This means that it will be first time since 2005 that there will be only nine teams in a F1 Grand Prix. Escalating costs and unequal distribution of money has made F1 unviable for smaller teams like Caterham, Marussia, Sauber and Lotus. It is worth mentioning that F1 has seem more than 120 teams come and go and Italy’s Ferrari is the only one to have stayed the course since the championship started in 1950. Some 51 F1 teams have never scored a single point.


  • 1. Which of the following is not a debt instrument in banking parlance?
    a) a Certificate of deposit
    b) Bonds
    c) Stocks
    d) Commercial papers
    e) Debentures
  • 2. Which of the following is NOT a scheduled Commercial Bank?
    a) HDFC Bank
    b) Axis Bank
    c) IDBI Bank
    d) NABARD
    e) SBI
  • 3. Which of the following organizations/ agencies is not associated with banking and Finance?
    a) SEBI
    b) AMFI
    c) RBI
    d) ECGC
    e) ONGC
  • 4. Who amongst the following Padma Bhushan Awardees is a famous banker?
    a) Mr. Azim H. Premji
    b) Ms. Chanda Kochhar
    c) Ms. Kapila Vatsyayan
    d) Mrs.Waheeda Rehman
    e) Mr. Brajesh Mishra
  • 5. Which of the following has been renamed as "Annual Policy Statement" by the Reserve Bank of India?
    a) Busy season banking policy
    b) Slack season banking policy
    c) Monetary and credit policy
    d) Annual statistical report
    e) None of the above
  • 6. Which committee has recommended introduction of smart card?
    a) Rangarajan committee
    b) Saraf committee
    c) Nayak committee
    d) Pannirselvan committee
    e) None of the above
  • 7. Which committee had formulated consultative profile in connection with electronic funds transfer?
    a) A.K. Purwar committee
    b) Y V Reddy committee
    c) K S Shere committee
    d) S. A. Dave committee
    e) None of the above
  • 8. The process of transformation of physical shares, commercial paper or certificate of deposit into
    electronic form is called as:
    a) Electronic clearing service
    b) Electronic securitization
    c) Share truncation
    d) Dematerialisation
    e) None of the above
  • 9. Providing banking services to a customer without his entrance inside the bank's branch is called
    a) Virtual banking
    b) Relationship banking
    c) Universal banking
    d) Mobile banking
    e) None of the above
  • 10. Where is the headquarters of "Society for worldwide Inter bank Financial Telecommunication
    - SWIFT" situated?
    a) New York
    b) Los Angels
    c) Brussels
    d) Hague
    e) None of the above
  • 11. Where has National Financial Switch of IDRBT established?
    a) Mumbai
    b) New Delhi
    c) Hyderabad
    d) Bangalore
    e) None of the above
  • 12. If the employees of the bank go on strike, it results in?
    a) Operational risk
    b) Employee risk
    c) Credit risk
    d) Market risk
    e) Systemic risk
  • 13. Which of the following is not included in three pillars of BASEL capital accord?
    a) Minimum capital requirement
    b) Supervisory review
    c) Market discipline
    d) Core banking solution
    e) None of the above
  • 14. When ICICI Limited merged with ICICI bank?
    a) 1st August, 2000
    b) 1st August 2001
    c) 1st August, 2002
    d) 1st August, 2003
    e) None of the above
  • 15. Which bank has changed its name to AXIS bank limited?
    a) Centurion bank
    b) Times bank
    c) Bank of Punjab Limited
    d) Bank of Karad
    e) UTI bank limited
  • 16. Times Bank Limited merged with:
    a) HDFC Bank
    b) Bank of India
    c) Punjab National Bank
    d) Central Bank of India
    e) None of the above
  • 17. Which of the following Banks & Head Offices is not correct?
    a) State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur - Jaipur
    b) State Bank of Hyderabad - Hyderabad
    c) State Bank of Mysore - Mysore
    d) State Bank of Patiala - Patiala
    e) State Bank of Travancore - Thiruvananthapuram
  • 18. CCIL stands for:
    a) Cement Corporation of India Limited
    b) Central Clearing Company Ltd.
    c) Clearing Corporation of India Limited
    d) Cash Credit facility in Installment Lending
    e) None of the above
  • 19. When was Reserve Bank of India Nationalized?
    a) 1947
    b) 1948
    c) 1949
    d) 1950
    e) 1952
  • 20. Which one of the following is the new sub-category of the commercial real estate sector (CRE) as per the latest RBI directive?
    a) Residential projects
    b) Commercial projects
    c) Industrial projects
    d) SEZ projects
    e) None of the above
  • 21. In India, the Chit funds are governed / Regulated by ___?
    a) RBI
    b) Central Government
    c) State Governments
    d) Local Bodies
    e) State Finance Corporation
  • 22. "The bank for a changing world" is the punch line of:
    a) BNP Paribas
    b) Scotia Bank
    c) Royal Bank of Scotland
    d) CITI Bank
    e) American Express Bank
  • 23. The RBI is also set to introduce a fifth Deputy Governor in the top management of the central
    bank. The fifth Deputy Governor will be designated as ___
    a) COO (Chief Operating Officer)
    b) CFO
    c) CEO
    d) CAO
    e) None of these
  • 24. What is the RBI's model for rating of Indian banks?
    a) CAMEL
    b) CAMELS
    c) CRISIL
    d) CARE
    e) None of these
  • 25. Oriental Bank of Commerce was established in the year:
    a) 1943
    b) 1953
    c) 1963
    d) 1973
    e) 1983
  • 26. What is the Punch line of "ICICI Bank"?
    a) World's Local Bank
    b) We Understand Your World
    c) Hum Haina …
    d) Serving to Empower
    e) Good people to grow with
  • 27. Who is the CMD of Union Bank of India?
    a) R. M. Malla
    b) S. Raman
    c) M D. Mallya
    d) T. M. Bhasin
    e) Arun Tiwari
  • 28. Which among the following is correct full form of CAS in context with banking markets in India?
    a) Cash Authorization Scheme
    b) Credit Authorization Scheme
    c) Credit Access System
    d) Credit Arrangement System
    e) Cash Accreditation Scheme
  • 29. A medium term note (MTN) programme is issued to ___
    a) Provide loans
    b) Raise Funds
    c) Sell Equity
    d) Purchase shares
    e) Any of the above
  • 30. Which among the following regulate the commodity markets in India?
    1) RBI
    2) SEBI
    3) Forward Market Commission
    Choose the correct option from the codes given below:
    a) Only 1 & 2
    b) Only 2 & 3
    c) Only 1 & 3
    d) Only 3
    e) None of the above
  • 31. Which among the following is a major qualitative control measure used by RBI?
    a) Bank Rate Policy
    b) Open Market Operations
    c) Ways and means advances
    d) Reserve Ratio Requirements
    e) Margin Requirements
  • 32. Which of the following is known as plastic money?
    a) Bearer cheques
    b) Credit cards
    c) Demand drafts
    d) Gift cheques
    e) None of these
    1) c 2) d 3) e 4) b 5) c 6) b 7) c 8) d 9) a 10) c
    11) c 12) a 13) d 14) c 15) e 16) a 17) c 18) c 19) c 20) a
    21) c 22) a 23) a 24) b 25) a 26) c 27) e 28) b 29) b 30) d
    31) e 32) b

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