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Current Affairs - 21 May 2015

Najeeb Jung to Kejriwal: Power to appoint and transfer bureaucrats rests with me
  • NEW DELHI: The war over transfer of bureaucrats has escalated further in Delhi.

    Najeeb Jung has written a letter to CM Arvind Kejriwal, saying the "power to appoint and to transfer, from steno to IAS officers, is with the lieutenant-governor".

    "All transfers and postings in the last four days stand cancelled," the LG has written in his letter to Delhi CM.

    Meanwhile, Union home minister Rajnath Singh said that "Delhi LG and CM should sit together and find a solution to the ongoing standoff".

    Rajnath was talking to reporters after meeting President Pranab Mukherjee.

    "We did not discuss Delhi standoff," Rajnath Singh said.

    Earlier, Arvind Kejriwal wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, asking him to let his democratically elected government function independently.

    In the letter to Modi, Kejriwal mentioned the posting and transfers made by LG Najeeb Jung and said the elected government must have a say about distribution of work to senior officials.

    "In Delhi, central government is trying to run government unconstitutionally through the lieutenant-governor. Let Delhi government function independently," Kejriwal said in the letter to Modi.

    The letter by Kejriwal to the Prime Minister came a day after both he and Jung took their bitter fight to President Pranab Mukherjee, accusing each other of violating the Constitution and overstepping their respective jurisdictions.

Arvind Kejriwal writes letter to PM Modi, says Centre trying to run Delhi through LG Najeeb Jung
  • NEW DELHI: Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has written a letter to PM Narendra Modi over the issue of transfer of bureaucrats in Delhi.

    In the letter, Kejrival has said that the Centre is trying to run Delhi through lieutenant-governor Najeeb Jung.

    In the letter, Kejriwal mentioned the posting and transfers made by LG Najeeb Jung and said the elected government must have a say about distribution of work to senior officials. 

    "In Delhi, the central government is trying to run government unconstitutionally through the LG. Let Delhi government function independently," Kejriwal said in the letter to Modi. 

    Earlier in the day, Deputy CM Manish Sisodia met senior bureaucrats at Delhi Secretariat to discuss flow of work.

    A power tussle between chief minister Arvind Kejriwal and lieutenant-governor Najeeb Jung has led to confusion among state government officials.

    Minister Gopal Rai, acting chief secretary Shakuntala Gamlin and all departments' secretaries and officers were present in the meeting.

Vodafone won’t toe zero-rating plan of Airtel
  • Vodafone won’t toe zero-rating plan of AirtelNEW DELHI: Vodafone, India's second-biggest mobile operator, has refused to follow Bharti Airtel in launching a zero-rating platform, the decision coming at a time when telecom regulator Trai and the Department of Telecom (DoT) are looking into the entire gamut of issues related to net neutrality.

    The British mobile operator, which reported a 13% growth in its 2014-15 India revenues at Rs 42,352 crore, said it will wait for a regulatory clarity on the matter before taking a call on the future course of action. "We are waiting for the rules," Sunil Sood, who recently took charge as MD & CEO of Vodafone India, said.

    Airtel had in April introduced a new plan — Airtel Zero — that promised preferential treatment for websites that agreed to sign up for the marketing platform by paying a fee. The move received flak in the online world and was even questioned by top officials in the telecom ministry.

    Sood said Vodafone is a supporter of net neutrality and does not believe in "blocking" or "throttling" the internet. "We are pro-net neutrality... we do not block the internet or direct the internet." Asked to comment on the criticism of Airtel Zero plan, he said, "I believe it's a trivial matter. It was just a price plan."

    The Vodafone India chief, however, said he wants applications offering voice communication facility — such as Skype, WhatsApp and Viber — should follow the same regulations as mobile operators. "We are subjected to various regulations as part of the licence conditions, including interceptions. If there are rules, they should apply to all. They cannot be partial."

    Mobile operators have argued that zero rating plans, which allow them to charge websites for offering them preferential treatment, are "pro-subscribers" as they get to browse the sites free-of-cost.

Lack of rules making India lose out on drug trials
  • NAGPUR: With a huge disease burden and an emergent pharma industry, India was slated to be the world's favourite destination for outsourcing drug trials. However, today less that 2% of the world's clinical trials are taking place in the country. Considering the huge benefits of such trials for the country's healthcare, experts believe it is time the government and some home grown companies give greater importance to medical research. 

    Several factors including trials not being seen in a good light by people and multi national companies not finding the methods of research efficient are responsible for fewer clinical trials in India. Researchers say that, like in several western countries, people in India need to understand the importance of these trials and demand that the government to work towards it. 

    "Patent filings in the pharma sector annually in US are more than 20 times than that of India despite having a comparable disease burden. We need to understand that every pill we pop today was tried on human subjects before being declared safe and effective. If we curtail clinical trials and global pharma companies move to China, South Korea and other East and South Asian countries - as they are doing now- we will only end up hurting Indian patients," said Dr Rajesh Swarnakar, a member of Investigator Council in Indian Society of Clinical Research. He said it was about time that we started a public movement to give clinical trials a positive push. 

    "There are no rules to govern clinical trials in India, which is the foremost requirement before we start the trials. India has a bad name because of this and there is less awareness of trials among patients. Another problem is that international companies coming here in a rush to increase number of patients realized that there were some 'adjustments' made to the data that make them a little less reliable. This led to a lot of companies pulling out of the country," said consultant microbiologist Dr Madhavi Deshmukh who has worked on projects with some international research institutions. 

    Cardiologist Dr Prashant Jagtap said that the two major impediments to medical research and clinical trials in the country were lack of research oriented education and paucity of funds. "Not too many institutions, universities or governmental agencies provide research opportunities. A lot of things that are available get stuck in bureaucratic net. The one option remains is to get funding from big companies, in which case their economic interest become more important," he said. 

    He suggested identification of some national level institutions where research was initiated and people from all over the country encouraged to contribute in it as a solution. "A silver lining in terms of Indian clinical research is that for the last few years, we have been participating in studies being conducted by American and European institutions. This gives them enough clinical data and gene pool variability for their research to be more viable and we get all the other benefits of clinical trials," said Dr Jagtap.

PDP to approach Centre for passport to Geelani: Mehbooba Mufti
  • SRINAGAR: Ignoring ally BJP's objections, PDP on Wednesday said it will ask the Centre to grant passport to separatist Syed Ali Shah Geelani on "humanitarian" grounds even as NC leader Omar Abdullah questioned why it was being made an issue when he has been given passport earlier also. 

    "This issue has to be dealt with from humanitarian point of view and we will pursue the matter with the Union home ministry," PDP president Mehbooba Mufti said.

    Hardline Hurriyat faction leader Geelani has applied for a passport to visit his ailing daughter in Saudi Arabia. Several mainstream leaders have called for issuing passport to the separatist leader.

    Reacting to the PDP president's statement on the issue, National Conference leader Omar Abdullah wondered if it was "fixed match" between the ruling allies in which Mehbooba was trying to appear as a "crusader". 

    "What's the big deal? Geelani declined to avail a passport in 2011 so why is Mehbooba suddenly trying to appear as some sort of crusader," Omar said on Twitter. 

    BJP, the coalition partner of PDP in the state government, has said Geelani must apologise for his "anti-national activities" and acknowledge that he is an Indian if he wants an Indian passport. 

    Omar questioned BJP's objections on the passport issue. "I completely fail to understand why BJP would object to Geelani calling himself an Indian unless this is a PDP-BJP fixed match," he wrote on the micro-blogging site. 

    Apparently referring to the requirement of declaring nationality as Indian in the application form, the former chief minister said, "If he could get a passport in 2011, there is no reason he can't get one in 2015. He's happy to travel on an Indian passport and citizenship." 

    The PDP president on Wednesday said Geelani was issued passport in 2007, 2008 and 2011. 

    "We will tell (Union) home ministry that Geelani must be given passport along with his wife and son so that he could visit his ailing daughter in Saudi Arabia. His daughter must not be deprived of seeing her father," Mehbooba said. 

    She said other separatist leaders including Muhammad Yasin Malik, Shabir Shah and Mirwaiz Umar Farooq already have passports and they have been visiting foreign countries from time to time, including Pakistan. 

    CPM state secretary Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami has also called for issuing the passport to Geelani.

PM Narendra Modi meets Cabinet colleagues ahead of 1st anniversary of govt
  • NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday met his senior ministerial colleagues to discuss programmes to celebrate first anniversary of his government

    Modi, who returned from a three-nation tour of China, Mongolia and South Korea on Tuesday night, held deliberations with ministers Arun Jaitley, Rajnath Singh, Sushma Swaraj, M Venkaiah Naidu and Nitin Gadkari. 

    Issues related to celebrating the first anniversary of the NDA government on May 26 are understood to have been discussed during the meeting. 

    BJP president Amit Shah also met the Prime Minister in connection with the anniversary celebrations, sources said. 

    Modi is understood to have told his ministers and party leaders to spread the message about the work done by the government during the last one year, particularly highlighting the initiatives in the social sector. 

North Korea claims breakthrough on nuclear missile warheads
  • North Korea claims breakthrough on nuclear missile warheadsSEOUL: North Korea said on Wednesday it had perfected the technology to make nuclear warheads, not long after announcing it had launched a ballistic missile from a submarine,dramatically upping military brinkmanship with its US-led foes.

    It also cancelled a visit by UN chief Ban Ki-moon after he accused it of fuelling regional tensions, in a week that also saw US Secretary of State John Kerry condemn the North's "provocative, destabilising and repressive actions". 

    In violation of a UN ban, North Korea has long been testing long-range missiles. Nearly two weeks ago, the communist state said it had successfully test-fired a submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM). 

    If confirmed, that would allow the deployment of nuclear weapons far beyond the Korean peninsula. But, experts say, the hardest part of delivering a nuclear strike is shrinking a warhead to fit a missile. 

    Pyongyang's powerful National Defence Commission (NDC) said it now had the means to do just that, in an announcement certain to spark alarm not just in Washington, Seoul and Tokyo, but also in Beijing. 

    "It has been a long time since we began miniaturising and diversifying our means of nuclear strike," the NDC said in a statement on the North's official news agency. 

    "We have also reached the stage where the highest accuracy rate is guaranteed, not only for short- and medium-range missiles but long-range missiles as well." 

    Several analysts treated the SLBM claim with scepticism, and were cautious too about the miniaturisation announcement. 

    "There are differences between their statements and their actual operational reality," Daniel Pinkston, a senior researcher of the International Crisis Group, told AFP. 

    "Some of it is bluster or exaggeration and maybe for internal audiences, and some of it is probably also for external audiences in an effort to test and to see if they can use systems for blackmail or coercion," he said. 

    Cho Han-Bum, an analyst at the Korea Institute for National Unification, said Pyongyang was "too cash-strapped" to perfect such intricate technology as miniaturising a warhead. 

    "I find the claim hard to believe," he said. 

    Cho said North Korea's young leader Kim Jong-Un, who chairs the NDC, may be having trouble keeping the military under control following the reported execution of his defence minister. 

    "So the latest NDC announcement appears to be aimed at assuaging hawks within the military and securing bargaining chips for negotiations with the other countries like the US by stoking their biggest fear, about the North's nuclear and long-range missiles." 

    However the top US homeland security commander, Admiral William Gortney, said last month the North was capable of mounting a miniaturised warhead on its new KN-08 intercontinental missile. 

    And South Korea's defence ministry has said the North appears to have achieved a "significant" level of technology to create a nuclear warhead. 

    The NDC announcement came hours after Ban said his invitation to visit the Kaesong industrial zone inside North Korea had been cancelled without explanation. 

    Had Thursday's visit gone ahead, Ban would have become the first UN secretary-general to set foot in the communist state for more than 20 years, since Boutros Boutros-Ghali in 1993. 

    "This decision by Pyongyang is deeply regrettable," the UN chief, a former foreign minister of South Korea, told a forum in Seoul. 

    "However, I as the secretary-general of the United Nations, will not spare any efforts to encourage the DPRK (North Korea) to work with the international community for peace and stability on the Korean peninsula and beyond." 

    But Kerry, visiting Seoul on Monday, warned that North Korea was doing everything to spurn such reconciliation as he condemned Kim's "egregious" leadership and "grotesque" executions of top officials. 

    "Instead, it continues to pursue nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, it continues to break promises and make threats, and it continues to show flagrant disregard for international laws," he said. 

    US officials could not immediately be reached for comment on Wednesday's announcement. 

    The North has conducted three atomic tests and has long had nuclear weapons. But it was unclear whether it had the technology to deliver them by missile. 

    The NDC said previously that the SLBM test "represents a higher stage in our efforts to develop strategic striking forces". 

Hunt for Army assault rifle may be called off
  • Hunt for Army assault rifle may be called offNEW DELHI: The humble foot-soldier's torturous wait for a new-generation assault rifle may now get longer. India is likely to scrap its four-year-old hunt for new-generation assault rifles with interchangeable barrels for conventional warfare and counter-insurgency operations.

    Ordinary infantry jawans are often forgotten in the race for acquiring big-ticket weapons like fighters, helicopters, submarines, tanks, howitzers and the like. Leave alone advanced weaponry, they are even now still to be adequately-equipped with modular bullet-proof jackets, webbing and light-weight ballistic helmets with internal communication gear.

    Consequently, the 1.18-million strong Army's quest for new rifles for its 382 infantry battalions was made a "Priority-1" project to address the neglect. But sources on Tuesday said the double-barrel foreign rifles on offer - with a 5.56x45mm primary barrel for conventional warfare and a 7.62x39mm secondary one for counter-terror operations - have "not been found robust enough" for the military operations envisaged when the global tender was floated in 2011.

    The project was to kick off with the direct acquisition of 65,000 rifles from the selected foreign vendor, at an estimated cost of around Rs 4,850 crore, to equip the 120 infantry battalions deployed on the western and eastern fronts. The Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) was to then subsequently manufacture over 1,13,000 such rifles after getting transfer of technology from the foreign company.

    "Though no final decision has yet been taken, the tender may have to be scrapped. There is a rethink about going in for double-barrel rifles. Other options are already been considered," said a source.

    One could be to get a foreign rifle company to shift some of its manufacturing facilities to India. Incidentally, foreign firms like Colt (US), Beretta (Italy), Sig Sauer (Europe), Ceska (Czech) and Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) participated in the trials for the double-barrel rifles.

    Conversely, the OFB could produce the new assault rifles with foreign collaboration. Weighing around 3.5-kg, the new rifle will need to have advanced night-vision devices, holographic reflex sights, laser designators, detachable under-barrel grenade launchers and the like.

    The Army has for long been keen to replace its 5.56mm indigenous INSAS (Indian small arms system) rifles that have suffered from technical bugs since their induction in 1994-95, as reported by TOI earlier.

    With an effective range of just 450-metre and weighing over 4.25-kg, INSAS rifles had replaced the even more cumbersome 7.62mm self-loading rifles. The Army also uses over one lakh AK-47s, known the world over for their sheer ruggedness and fail-safe nature, for counter-insurgency operations in J&K and northeast.

List Of Public Sector, RRBs, Private Sector & Foreign Banks With Headquarters
  • Private Sector Banks
    S.NoBank NameHeadquartersTagline/Slogan
    1Catholic Syrian Bank Thrissursupport all the way
    2City Union BankKumbakonam
    3Dhanalakshmi Bank Thrissur
    4Federal BankAluva, KochiYour Perfect Banking Partner
    5ING Vysya BankBangalore
    6Jammu & Kashmir BankSrinagarServing to Empower
    7Karnataka BankMangaloreYour Family Bank Across India
    8Karur Vysya BankKarurSmart Way to Bank
    9Lakshmi Vilas BankKarur
    10Nainital BankNainital
    11Ratnakar BankKolhapur
    12South Indian Bank Thrissur
    13Tamilnad Mercantile BankTuticorinBe a step ahead of Life
    14Axis BankMumbaiBadhti Ka naam Zindagi
    15Development Credit BankMumbai
    16HDFC BankMumbaiWe Understand your world
    17ICICI BankMumbaiHum Hai Na, Khyal Apka
    18IndusInd BankMumbai
    19Kotak Mahindra BankMumbai
    20Yes BankMumbaiExperience our Expertise

    Foreign Banks
    S.NoBank NameHeadquartersTagline/Slogan
    1AB Bank LtdMumbai
    2ABN-AMRO Bank N.VAmsterdamMaking more possible
    3Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank LtdAbu DhabiLong Life Ambition
    4American Express Banking CorpNew York
    5Antwerp Diamond Bank NVAntwerp
    6BNP ParibasParisThe bank for a changing world
    7Bank of America N.T. & S.ACharlotte, North Carolina
    8Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait B.S.CManama, Bahrain
    9Bank of CeylonColombo
    10Bank of Nova ScotiaToronto, Ontario
    11Barclays Bank PLCLondon
    12Calyon BankParis
    13Chinatrust Commercial BankTaipei, Taiwan
    14Citibank N.A New York
    15Deutsche Bank (Asia)Frankfurt
    16DBS Bank LtdSingaporeLiving, Breathing Asia
    17HSBC Ltd London
    18JPMorgan Chase Bank New York
    19JSC VTB BankMoscow
    20Krung Thai Bank Public Co. LtdBangkok
    21Mashreq Bank PSCDubai
    22Mizuho Corporate Bank LtdTokyo
    23Oman International Bank S.A.O.G
    24Shinhan BankSeoulThe Bank of Pride
    25Societe GeneraleParisBuilding team spirit together
    26Sonali BankDhakaYour Trusted Partner in Innovative Banking
    27Standard Chartered BankLondon
    28State Bank of Mauritius Ltd
    29The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, LtdTokyp
    30UBS AGBasel and ZürichWe Will Not Rest

    Regional Rural Banks
    S.No.RRB’sSponsor BankState
    1Allahabad UP Gramin BankAllahabad BankUttar Pradesh
    2Andhra Pradesh Grameena Vikas BankState Bank of IndiaAndhra Pradesh
    3Andhra Pragathi Grameena BankSyndicate BankAndhra Pradesh
    4Arunachal Pradesh Rural BankState Bank of IndiaArunachal Pradesh
    5Aryavart Gramin BankBank of IndiaUttar Pradesh
    6Assam Gramin Vikash BankUnited Bank of IndiaAssam
    7Baitanri Gramya BankBank of IndiaOrissa
    8Ballia Etawah Gramin BankCentral Bank of IndiaUttar Pradesh
    9Bangiya Gramin Vikash BankUnited Bank of IndiaWest Bengal
    10Baroda Gujarat Gramin BankBank of BarodaGujarat
    11Baroda Rajasthan Gramin BankBank of BarodaRajasthan
    12Baroda UP Gramin BankBank of BarodaUttar Pradesh
    13Bihar Kshetriya Gramin BankUCO BankBihar
    14Cauvery Kalpatharu Grameena BankState Bank of MysoreKarnataka
    15Chaitanya Godavari Grameena BankAndhra BankAndhra Pradesh
    16Chhatisgarh Gramin BankState Bank of IndiaChhatisgarh
    17Chikmagalur Kodagu Grameena BankCorporation BankKarnataka
    18Deecan Grameena BankState Bank of HyderabadAndhra Pradesh
    19Dena Gujarat Gramin BankDena BankGujarat
    20Durg Rajnandgaon Gramin BankDena BankChhatisgarh
    21Ellaquai Dehati BankState Bank of IndiaJammu & Kashmir
    22Gurgaon Gramin BankSyndicate BankHaryana
    23Hadoti Kshetriya Gramin BankCentral Bank of IndiaRajasthan
    24Haryana Gramin BankPunjab National BankHaryana
    25Himachal Gramin BankPunjab National BankHimachal Pradesh
    26J&K Grameen BankJ&K Bank Ltd.Jammu & Kashmir
    27Jaipur Thar Gramin BankUCO BankRajasthan
    28Jhabua Dhar Kshetriya Gramin BankBank of BarodaMadhya Pradesh
    29Jharkhand Gramin BankBank of IndiaJharkhand
    30Kalinga Gramya BankUCO BankOrissa
    31Karnataka Vikas Grameen BankSyndicate BankKarnataka
    32Kashi Gomti Samyut Gramin BankUnion Bank of IndiaUttar Pradesh
    33Krishna Grameena BankState Bank of IndiaKarnataka
    34Kshetriya Kisan Gramin BankUP State Cooperative BankUttar Pradesh
    35Langpi Dehangi Rural BankState Bank of IndiaAssam
    36Madhya Bharath Gramin BankState Bank of IndiaMadhya Pradesh
    37Madhya Bihar Gramin BankPunjab National BankBihar
    38Mahakaushal Kshetriya Gramin BankUCO BankMadhya Pradesh
    39Maharashtra Gramin BankBank of MaharashtraMaharashtra
    40Malwa Gramin BankState Bank of PatialaPunjab
    41Manipur Rural BankUnited Bank of IndiaManipur
    42Meghalaya Rural BankState Bank of IndiaMeghalaya
    43Mewar Anchalik Gramin BankBank of RajasthanRajasthan
    44MGB Gramin BankState Bank of Bikaner and JaipuRajasthan
    45Mizoram Rural BankState Bank of IndiaMizoram
    46Nagaland Rural BankState Bank of IndiaNagaland
    47Nainital Almora Kshetriya BankBank of BarodaUttarakhand
    48Narmada Malwa Gramin BankBank of IndiaMadhya Pradesh
    49Neelachal Gramya BankIndian Overseas BankOrissa
    50North Malabar GraminBankSyndicate BankKerala
    51Pallavan Grama BankIndian BankTamil Nadu
    52Pandyan Grama BankIndian Overseas BankTamil Nadu
    53Parvatiya Gramin BankState Bank of IndiaHaryana
    54Paschim Banga Gramin BankUCO BankWest Bengal
    55Pragathi Gramin BankCanara BankKarnataka
    56Prathma BankSyndicate BankUttar Pradesh
    57Puduvai Bharthiar Grama BankIndian BankPuducherry
    58Punjab Gramin BankPunjab National BankPunjab
    59Purvanchal Gramin BankState Bank of IndiaUttar Pradesh
    60Rajasthan Gramin BankPunjab National BankRajasthan
    61Rewa Sidhi  Gramin BankUnion Bank of IndiaMadhya Pradesh
    62Rushikulya Gramya BankAndhra BankOrissa
    63Samastipur Kshetriya Gramin BankState Bank of IndiaBihar
    64Saptagiri Grameena BankIndian BankAndhra Pradesh
    65Sarva UP Gramin BankPunjab National BankUttar Pradesh
    66Satpura Narmada Kshetriya Gramin BankCentral Bank of IndiaMadhya Pradesh
    67Saurashtra Gramin BankState Bank of SaurashtraGujarat
    68Sharda Gramin BankAllahabad BankMadhya Pradesh
    69Shreyas Gramin BankCanara BankUttar Pradesh
    70South Malabar Gramin BankCanara BankKerala
    71Surguja Kshetriya Gramin BankCentral Bank of IndiaChhatisgarh
    72Sutlej Gramin BankPunjab and Sind BankPunjab
    73Tripura Gramin BankUnited Bank of IndiaTripura
    74Utkal Gramya BankState Bank of IndiaOrissa
    75Uttar Banga Kshetriya Gramin BankCentral Bank of IndiaWest Bengal
    76Uttar Bihar Gramin BankCentral Bank of IndiaBihar
    77Uttaranchal Gramin BankState Bank of IndiaUttarakhand
    78Vananchal Gramin BankState Bank of IndiaJharkhand
    79Vidharbha Kshetriya Gramin BankCentral Bank of IndiaMaharashtra
    80Vidisha Bhopal Kshetriya Gramin BankState Bank of IndoreMadhya Pradesh
    81Visveshvaraya Grameena BankVijaya BankKarnataka
    82Wainganga Krishan Gramin BankBank of IndiaMaharashtra
    Public Sector Banks
    S.NOBank NameHeadquartersTagline/Slogan
    1Allahabad BankKolkataA tradition of trust
    2Andhra BankHyderabadMuch more to do. With YOU in focus
    3Bank of BarodaVadodaraIndia’s International Bank
    4Bank of IndiaMumbaiRelationships beyond Banking
    5Bank of MaharashtraPuneOne Family One Bank
    6Canara BankBangaloreIt’s easy to change for those who you love, Together we Can
    7Central Bank of IndiaMumbaiBuild A Better Life Around Us, Central to you since 1911
    8Corporation BankMangaloreProsperity for all
    9Dena BankMumbaiTrusted Family Bank
    10Indian BankChennaiTaking Banking Technology to Common Man, Your Tech-friendly bank
    11Indian Overseas BankChennaiGood people to grow with
    12Oriental Bank of CommerceNew DelhiWhere every individual is committed
    13Punjab National BankNew DelhiThe Name you can Bank Upon
    14Punjab & Sind BankNew DelhiWhere series is a way of life
    15Syndicate BankManipalYour Faithful And Friendly Financial Partner
    16Union Bank of IndiaMumbaiGood people to bank with
    17United Bank of IndiaKolkataThe Bank that begins with “U”
    18UCO BankKolkataHonors Your Trust
    19Vijaya BankBangaloreA friend You can Bank Upon
    20IDBI Bank LtdMumbaiBanking for all; “ Aao Schein Bada”
    21Bharatiya Mahila BankNew DelhiEmpowering women, Empowering India
    State Bank Group
    1State Bank of IndiaMumbaiThe Nation banks on us; Pure Banking Nothing Else; With you all the way
    2State Bank of Bikaner & JaipurRajasthan
    3State Bank of PatialaPunjabBlending Modernity with Tradition
    4State Bank of HyderabadHyderabadYou can always bank on us
    5State Bank of MysoreBangaloreWorking for a better tomorrow
    6State Bank of TravancoreThiruvananthapuramA Long Tradition of Trust

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