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Marketing is the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers, for the purpose of selling thatvproduct or service. Marketing can be looked at as an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, delivering andvcommunicating value to customers, and customer relationship management that also benefits the organization. Marketing is the science of choosing target markets through market analysis and market segmentation, as well as understanding consumer behavior and providing superior customer value. From a societal point of view, marketing is the link between a society’s material requirements and its economic patterns of response. Marketing satisfies these needs and wants through exchange processes and building long term relationships. Marketing may be defined in several ways, depending on the role of the advertised enterprise in relation to the strategic role in positioning the firm within its competitive market. The main definition is often credited to Philip Kotler, recognized as the originator of the most recent developments in the field, for the works that appeared from 1967 to 2009.

7 Ps of Marketing:                       4 Cs of Marketing:                             5 Ms of Marketing
1. Product                                      1. Customer needs & wants                    1. Market
2. Price                                          2. Cost to the customer                           2. Management
3. Promotion                                  3. Communication                                   3. Money
4. Place                                         4. Channel                                               4. Manpower
5. Physical Evidence                                                                                      5. Manufacturing
6. Positioning
7. People

Marketing Questions For SBI 

1. Market research is useful for ____?
(1) Deciding proper marketing strategies
(2) Deciding the selling price
(3) choosing the right products
(4) choosing the sales person
(5) All of these
Ans. (5)

2. A call means
(1) shout out to somebody
(2) profession or business
(3) visiting friends
(4) visiting prospective customers
(5) after-sales service
Ans. (4)

3. Conversion means
(1) meeting a prospective client
(2) interacting with a prospective client
(3) converting an employer into an employee
(4) converting a seller into a buyer
(5) converting a prospective client into a buyer
Ans. (5)

4. Customization means
(1) acquiring more customers
(2) regulating customers
(3) special products to suit each customer
(4) more products per customer
(5) All of these 
Ans. (3)

5. Modern style of marketing include
(1) digital marketing
(2) tele-marketing
(3) e-commerce
(4) e-mails solicitation
(5) All of these 
Ans. (5)

6. E-Marketing is the same as
(1) virtual marketing
(2) digital marketing
(3) real time marketing
(4) all of these
(5) None of these 
Ans. (4)

7. Value-added services means
(1) costlier products
(2) large number of products
(3) additional services
(4) at par services
(5) None of these 
Ans. (3)

8. Aggressive Marketing is necessitated due to:
(1) globalization
(2) increased competition
(3) increased production
(4) increased job opportunities
(5) All of these 
Ans. (2)

9. Efficient Marketing styles require
(1) proper planning
(2) good communication skills
(3) team work
(4) knowledge of products
(5) All of these 
Ans. (5)

10. The performance of a salesperson depends on
(1) salary paid
(2) sales incentive paid
(3) sizes of the sales team
(4) ability and willingness of the salesperson
(5) team leader aggressiveness 
Ans. (4)

11. The sole aim of marketing is to
(1) increase sales
(2) increase the number of employees
(3) increase profits
(4) increase production
(5) All of these 
Ans. (1)

12. Lead generation means
(1) tips for selling tactics
(2) tips for better production
(3) generating leaders
(4) likely sources for prospective clients
(5) All of these
Ans. (4)

13. Find the correct statement
(1) Marketing is redundant in monopolistic companies
(2) The performance of a salesperson depends on the amount of incentives paid
(3) Marketing is influenced by peer performance.
(4) An increase in market shares indicates fall in business volume.
(5) A mission statement is part of the Company's Prospectus.
Ans. (5)

14. Which of the following is the first step in the 'transaction processing cycle', which captures business data through various modes such as optical scanning or at an electronic commerce website?
(1) Document and report generation
(2) Database maintenance
(3) Transaction processing
(4) Data Entry
(5) None of these 
Ans. (1)

15. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is
(1) A pre-sales activity
(2) A tool for lead generation
(3) An ongoing daily activity
(4) The task of a DSA
(5) All of the above 
Ans. (5)

16. Bancassurance can be sold to
(1) All banks
(2) All insurance companies
(3) Insurance Agents
(4) All existing and prospective bank customers
(5) All of the above 
Ans. (4)

17. Cross-selling is not effective for which one of the following products?
(1) Debit Cards
(2) Savings Accounts
(3) Internet Banking
(4) Pension loans
(5) Personal loans 
Ans. (2)

18. Which of the following is not involved in the Growth Strategies of a company?
(1) Horizontal integration
(2) Vertical Integration
(3) Diversification
(4) Intensification
(5) None of these
Ans. (4)

19. A successful "Blue Ocean" requires
(1) Effective communication
(2) Innovative skills
(3) Motivation
(4) All of the above
(5) None of these 
Ans. (4)

20. Cross-selling is a basic function of
(1) All employers
(2) All employees
(3) All salespersons
(4) Planning Department
(5) All of the above 
Ans. (3)

21. Data mining means analyzing the data stored with
(1) The DSA
(2) The front-office staff
(3) The back-office staff
(4) The customers
(5) None of these 
Ans. (3)

22. SME means
(1) Selling and Marketing Establishment
(2) Selling and Managing Employee
(3) Sales and Marketing Employee
(4) Small and Medium Enterprises
(5) None of these 
Ans. (4)

23. One of the following is not included in the 7 P's of Marketing. 
(1) Product 
(2) Price
(3) Production 
(4) Promotion
(5) None of these 
Ans. (3)

24. The target group of the SME loans is
(1) All businessmen 
(2) All professionals
(3) All SSIs 
(4) All of the above
(5) None of these 
Ans. (3)

25. Home loans can be best canvassed among
(1) Builders 
(2) Flat owners
(3) Land developers 
(4) Agriculturist
(5) Individual wanting to buy a flat or house
Ans. (5)

26. Online Marketing is the function of which of the following
(1) Purchase section
(2) Production Department
(3) IT Department
(4) Design Section
(5) A collective function of all staff 
Ans. (5)

27. Customization is useful for
(1) Designing customer specific product
(2) Call centres
(3) Publicity
(4) Motivating the staff
(5) Cold calls 
Ans. (1)

28. The key challenge to market-driven strategy is
(1) Selling maximum products
(2) Employing maximum DSAs
(3) Delivering superior value to customers
(4) Being rigid to changes
(5) Adopting shot-term vision
Ans. (3)

29. Effective selling skills depends on
(1) Size of the sales team
(2) Age of the sales team
(3) Peer strength
(4) Knowledge level of the sales team
(5) Educational level of the sales team 
Ans. (3)

30. Generation of sales lead can be improved by
(1) being very talkative
(2) increasing personel and professional contact
(3) being passive
(4) engaging recovery agent
(5) product designs 
Ans. (2)

31. A market plan is
(1) performance appraisal of the marketing staff
(2) company prospectus
(3) documented marketing strategy
(4) business targets
(5) call center 
Ans. (3)

32. Marketing channels means
(1) delivery objects
(2) sales target
(3) delivery outlets
(4) delivery boys
(5) sales teams
Ans. (3)

33. Social marketing is
(1) share market prices
(2) marketing by the entire society
(3) internet marketing
(4) marketing for the social cause
(5) society bye-laws 
Ans. (4)

34. Service marketing is the same as
(1) internet marketing
(2) telemarketing
(3) internal marketing
(4) relationship marketing
(5) transaction marketing 
Ans. (4)

35. Market-driven strategy includes
(1) identifying problems
(2) planning marketing tactics of peers
(3) positioning the organization and its brands in the market place
(4) internal marketing
(5) selling old products 
Ans. (3)

36. Innovation in marketing is same as
(1) motivation 
(2) perspiration
(3) aspiration 
(4) creativity
(5) team work
Ans. (4)

37. Personal loans can be canvassed among
(1) salaried person 
(2) pensioners
(3) foreign nationals 
(4) NRI Customers
(5) Non-customers
Ans. (1)

Some Expected Marketing Questions For SBI CLERK 2014 Exam

Q.1. Market expansion means
(1) Hiring more staff
(2) Buying more products
(3) firing more staff
(4) Buying more companies
(5) None of these 
Ans: 5

Q.2. Effective marketing helps in-
(1) Developing new products
(2) Creating a competitive environment
(3) Building demand for product
(4) All of these
(5) None of these
 Ans: 4

Q.3. A good seller should have the following qualities-
(1) Developing the work 
(2) Submissive
(3) Sympathy 
(4) All of these
(5) None of these 
Ans: 4

Q.4. One of the following is a target for the marketing of internet banking-
(1) All the customers
(2) All the educated customers
(3) All the computer educated customers
(4) Only creditors
(5) None of these 
Ans: 3

Q.5. Planned cost service means-
(1) costly products
(2) extra profit on the same cost
(3) extra work by seller
(4) all of these
(5) None of these 
Ans: 2

Q.6. Rural marketing is not required because
(1) Rural people do not understand marketing
(2) It is not practical from the cost point of view
(3) It is sheer wastage of time
(4) All of these
(5) None of these 
Ans: 5

Q.7. In Consumer behavior 'Perception is a process through which
(1) a consumer make ultimate purchasing
(2) a consumer is satisfied
(3) a consumer's mind receives, organizes and interprets physical time
(4) Both 1 and 2
(5) All of the above 
Ans: 3

Q.8. Sale forecast implies
(1) an estimate of the maximum possible sales opportunities present in a particular market segment.
(2) an estimate of sales, in physical units, in a future period
(3) Estimating the number of sales person required to sell a product.
(4) Both 1 and 2
(5) Neither 1 nor 2 
Ans: 4

Q.9. Advertising for............. is not allowed on T.V.
(1) Liquor 
(2) Cigrattes
(3) Both 1 and 2 
(4) Soaps
(5) None of these 
Ans: 2

Q.10. Entrepreneurs find direct marketing attractive because of 
(1) Investment is low
(2) It doesn't required specialized skills
(3) Returns are quick
(4) All of above
(5) None of these 
Ans: 4

Q.11. A theory states that no matter how efficiently goods/service are produced, if they cannot be delivered to the customer in the quickest possible time it is vain-this theory is called
(1) Quickest the best 
(2) Instant service
(3) Service on time 
(4) Timely effort
(5) Matter theory 
Ans: 2

Q.12. Demonstration is an exercises to
(1) attractively pack and display the goods
(2) Prove the characteristic of the product
(3) Both 1 and 2
(4) Window shop
(5) Neither 1 nor 2
Ans: 2

Q.13. In selling "Consumption" is the ultimate goal of the sales while a marketer
(1) Identifies consumer needs and wants.
(2) Develop an appropriate product/service to attain customer satisfaction.
(3) Accomplish organizational goals through integrated marketing approach
(4) all of the above.
(5) None of these 
Ans: 4

Q.14. 'Casual' research is basically concerned with
(1) Establishing cause and effort relationship
(2) Arriving at a forecast or prediction of interest.
(3) measuring and estimating the frequencies with which of things occur
(4) All of above
(5) None of these 
Ans: 1

Q.15. A method in which brand equity is measured by comparing difference between the retail price of the brand and the retail price of an unbranded product in same category is called.
(1) Brand goodwill method
(2) price premium method
(3) Production method
(3) Both 1 and 2
(4) Neither 1 nor 2 
Ans: 2

Q.16. Bank Marketing means-
(1) Selling of Banks
(2) Merger of Banks
(3) Selling bank's products and services
(4) None of these
(5) All of these 
Ans: 3

Q.17. Credit cards are used for
(1) Cash withdrawals
(2) Purchase of air tickets
(3) Purchase of consumable items from retail outlets
(4) all of these
(5) None of these 
Ans: 4

Q.18. Home loans are granted to
(1) Individuals 
(2) Institutions
(3) Builders 
(4) all of these
(5) None of these 
Ans: 1

Q.19. ATMs are
(1) Branches of Banks
(2) Manned counters of Banks
(3) Unmanned cash dispensers
(4) All of these
(5) None of these 
Ans: 3

Q.20. Relationship selling means
(1) Preparing a list of relatives
(2) Cross selling
(3) Selling to relatives
(4) Selling to strangers
(5) Telemarketing 
Ans: 2

Q.21. Proper pricing is needed for
(1) Extra charges of extra services
(2) Levy of VAT
(3) Good customer services
(4) Putting burden on the customers
(5) Depositing money in bank. 
Ans: 3

Q.22. The abbreviation ISP stands for
(1) International Spy Project
(2) Indian Social Planning
(3) Initial Service Provider
(4) Internet Service Provider
(5) None of these 
Ans: 4

Q.23. ESOP stand for
(1) Efficient Service of Promises
(2) Effective System of Projects
(3) Employee Stock Option Plan
(4) Essential Security of Project
(5) Equity Stock Option Plan 
Ans: 3

Q.24. The balance sheet of an organization gives information regarding
(1) Result of operations for a particular Period
(2) The financial position as on a particular date
(3) The operating efficiency of a firm.
(4) Financial position during a particular period
(5) All of the above 
Ans: 2

Q.25. The advantage of telephone interview are
(1) Relatively low cost per interview
(2) Good for reaching important people who are inaccessible
(3) Securing Co-operation which is not always possible
(4) All of these
(5) Both 1 & 2 
Ans: 5

Q.26. The best advertisement is
(1) Glow sign boards 
(2) On internet
(3) TV media 
(4) Print media
(5) A satisfied Customer 
Ans: 5

Q.27. Acid Test of a brand is
(1) Brand preference
(2) Brand awareness
(3) Brand loyalty
(4) Brand equity
(5) Band acceptability 
Ans: 3

Q.28. In banks loans and advances are considered as
(1) Assets
(2) liabilities
(3) Resources
(4) cause of expenditure
(5) None of these 
Ans: 1

Q.29. In the context of globalization, BPO means
(1) British Petroleum Organization
(2) British Passport Office
(3) Business Process Outsourcing
(4) Business Process Orientation
(5) All of the above 
Ans: 3

Q.30. Modern method of marketing include
(1) Publicity on the net
(2) Advertisement on the net
(3) Soliciting business through e-mails
(4) Both 1 and 2
(5) All of the above 
Ans: 5

Q.31. For effective marketing the salesmen should have which of these qualities
(1) Creativity
(2) Team spirit
(3) Motivation
(4) Effective communication skill
(5) All of these 
Ans: 5

Q.32. Market Research is needed for
(1) Deciding the market area
(2) Deciding the right-product to be sold.
(3) Making proper marketing decisions
(4) Deciding right time to sell
(5) All of these
Ans: 5

Q.33. Which of the following statement is true
(1) Marketing makes the company to go into loss due to higher expense
(2) Marketing is not required in profitmaking companies
(3) Marketing sharpens the mind of the employees
(4) Marketing is wastage of time.
(5) All of these 
Ans: 3

Q.34. Marketing plan helps in
(1) Better lead generation
(2) Better systems
(3) Better results
(4) Better customer service
(5) All of the above 
Ans: 5

Q.35. Motivation means
(1) Inspiring employees to perform better
(2) Better communication skills
(3) Sales coaching
(4) Market research
(5) None of these 
Ans: 1

Q.36. In a Marketing process in today's world
(1) Only standard products are sold
(2) The seller needs to have product knowledge
(3) The seller should ensure customer satisfaction
(4) Only quantum of sales matters.
(5) All of these 
Ans: 3

Q.37. Sale forecasting involves
(1) Sales planning
(2) sales pricing
(3) Distribution channel
(4) Consumer Tastes
(5) All of these 
Ans: 5

Q.38. In addition to product , price, promotion, the augmented marketing mix for services include all of the following EXCEPT
(1) People
(2) Packaging
(3) Process
(4) Physical evidence
(5) Both 1 and 2 
Ans: 2

Q.39. Dumping relates to the sale of
(1) Products in foreign markets that cannot be sold in the home market
(2) Products discontinued in the home market sold to a foreign market
(3) Production in foreign markets that cannot pass safety standards in the home market
(4) None of these
(5) All of these 
Ans: 2

Q.40. The following does not represent a market situation
(1) A bank run dispensary located in its, staff quarters.
(2) A fund raising charity show for the members of an NGO
(3) A meditation camp of a religious organization concluded for its members.
(4) A stall distributing Kada Prasad in a Gurudwara
(5) All of these 
Ans: 4

Q.41. The following offering is not a service
(1) Fixed deposit receipt
(2) Postage stamp
(3) Insurance policy
(4) Gift coupon of the chain store.
(5) All of these 
Ans: 4

/Q.42. The act of obtaining a desired object from someone by offering some in return is called as a
(1) Transaction 
(2) Exchange
(3) Relationship 
(4) Value
(5) None of these 
Ans: 2

Q.43. _______ is a group of related products that function in a similar manner, are sold to the same customer groups and marketed through the same type of the outlets.
(1) Group 
(2) Product line
(3) Category 
(4) Market
(5) None of these 
Ans: 2

Q.44. Goods that are typically bought by consumer based on a comparison of suitability, quality price and style are called------------ goods
(1) Industrial 
(2) Specialty
(3) Shopping 
(4) Convenience
(5) None of these 
Ans: 3

Q.45. Out of the following ------ is not an objective of pricing
(1) Profit
(2) Stabilizing demand an sales of the product
(3) Improvement in product quality
(4) Expansion of business.
(5) All of these 
Ans: 4

Q.46. Out the following ------- is not the three level of the product
(1) Core 
(2) Symbolic
(3) Augmented 
(4) fragmented
(5) None of these 
Ans: 4

Q.47. Of the following pricing methods----- is not for new product
(1) Market skimming 
(2) Penetration
(3) Discriminatory pricing 
(4) None of these
(5) All of the above 
Ans: 1

Q.48. In market skimming pricing strategy-----
(1) Initially price is lower than it is reduced
(2) Initially price is higher than it is reduced
(3) Initial price is high and is maintained high
(4) None of these
(5) All of these 
Ans: 2

Q.49. Bank of Mathura is offering higher interest-ratio on fixed deposit to senior citizens of 60 years and above- It is practicing-
(1) Promotional pricing 
(2) Psychological pricing
(3) Segmental pricing 
(4) Product mix pricing
(5) All of these 
Ans: 3

Q.50. With---- pricing, the products are priced below list price (or even cost) for a temporary period to create buying urgency
(1) Reference 
(2) By-product
(3) Promotional 
(4) Market penetration
(5) All of these 
Ans: 3

Q.51. Regulation that arise to ensure that firm takes responsibility for the social costs of their products or production processes stem from which reason for government legislation of business
(1) To protect companies from each other.
(2) To protect companies from unfair business practices.
(3) To protect the interests of the society.
(4) To businesses from unfair consumer demands.
(5) All of these 
Ans: 3

Q.52. The last stage in selling process
(1) approach 
(2) handling objections
(3) closing 
(4) follow up
(5) All of these 
Ans: 4

Q.53. The Major advantage of survey research is its
(1) Simplicity 
(2) Structure
(3) Organization 
(4) flexibility
(5) All of these 
Ans: 4

Q.54. A ----- is any activity or benefit offered for sale that is essentially intangible and does not result in the ownership of anything.
(1) Demand 
(2) Basic staple
(3) Product 
(4) Service
(5) All of these 
Ans: 4

Q.55. ______ is a person's distinguishing psychological characteristics that-lead to relatively consistent and lasting responses his or her own environment-
(1) Psychographics 
(2) Personality
(3) Demographics 
(4) lifestyle.
(5) All of these 
Ans: 2

Q.56. The plan in the business buying behaviour model where interpersonal and individual influence might interact is called the
(1) Environment 
(2) Response
(3) Stimuli 
(4) Buying center
(5) All of these 
Ans: 4

Q.57. The course of a product's sale and profit over its lifetime is called
(1) The sales chart
(2) The dynamic growth curve.
(3) The adoption process
(4) The product life cycle.
(5) All of these 
Ans: 4

Q.58. All of the following are thought to be sources of new product ideas Except
(1) Internal Sources 
(2) Customers
(3) Competitors 
(4) Local library
(5) All of these 
Ans: 3

Q.59. If Honda uses its company name to cover such different products as its automobiles lawn mowers and motorcycles, it is practicing which of the following
(1) New brand strategy
(2) Live extension strategy
(3) Multiband strategy
(4) Brand extension strategy
(5) All of these 
Ans: 4

Q.60. If a company (considering its options on the product/market expansion grid) chooses to move in to different unrelated fields (from what it has ever done before) with new products as a means to stimulate growth, the company would be following which of the following general strategies.
(1) Market-Penetration
(2) Market development
(3) Product development
(4) Diversification
(5) All of these 
Ans: 4

Q.61. When the market research organization chooses a segment of the population that represents the population as a whole, they have chosen a
(1) Group 
(2) Bi-variant-population
(3) Sample 
(4) Market Target
(5) None of these 
Ans: 3

Q.62. Joining with foreign companies to produce or market product and service is called-
(1) Direct exporting
(2) Indirect exporting
(3) Licensing
(4) Joint-Venturing
(5) None of these 
Ans: 4

Q.63. A --- is a name, term, sign, symbol or design or a combination of these that identified the market or seller of a product or service
(1) Product feature 
(2) Sponsorship
(3) Brand 
(4) Logo
(5) None of these 
Ans: 3

Q.64. The study of human population in terms of size, density, age, gender, race, occupation and other statistics is called
(1) Geothermic 
(2) Demography
(3) Ethnography 
(4) Geography
(5) None of these 
Ans: 2

Q.65. The process that turns marketing strategies and plans in to marketing action in order to accomplish strategic marketing objective is called
(1) Marketing strategy
(2) Marketing Control
(3) Marketing analysis
(4) Marketing implementation
(5) None of these 
Ans: 4

Q.66. If your company were to make a product-such as suit of clothes and sell that product your company will come under which sector ?
(1) Retailer 
(2) Business
(3) Government 
(4) Service
(5) None of these 
Ans: 2

Q.67. Cost that do not vary with production or sales level are called
(1) fixed costs 
(2) Variable cost
(3) Standard costs 
(4) Independent-costs
(5) None of these 
Ans: 1

Q.68. Consumer Information source
(1) Personal source and commercial source
(2) Public source
(3) experiential source
(4) all of the above
(5) None of these 
Ans: 4

Q.69. Zero-based budgeting (ZBB) means
(1) A tool of marketing cost
(2) a tool for financial analysis
(3) each year, budgeting starts from a scratch.
(4) a certain percentage of sales
(5) both 1 & 2. 
Ans: 3

Q.70. Which of the following expresses Maslow's Motivation theory best----
(1) Importance of Motivation for customer development
(2) Why people are driven by particular need at particular times.
(3) Where human needs are arranged in a hierarchy.
(4) All of the above
(5) None of these 
Ans: 4

Q.71. The long term objective of marketing is
(1) Customer satisfaction
(2) Profit maximization
(3) Cost cutting
(4) Profit maximization with customer satisfaction
(5) None of these 
Ans: 4

Q.72. Which among the following is statistical indicator for equality in income distribution
(1) Gini Coefficient 
(2) Price Indices
(3) GNP 
(4) GDP
(5) None of these 
Ans: 1

Q.73. Short term planning focuses on
(1) Functional plans 
(2) Long term objective
(3) Specific goal 
(4) Both 1 & 3
(5) None of these 
Ans: 4

Q.74. In marketing terms Attitude can best be defined as a 
(1) Rude behaviour of Salesperson
(2) Rude behaviour of consumer
(3) Mental state of consumer
(4) Ego of the marketing executive
(5) None of these 
Ans: 3

Q.75. Reference group influences Vis-a-Vis consumption decision is a function of the----
(1) Product Category
(2) Group characteristics
(3) Group communication process
(4) All of these
(5) None of these 
Ans: 4

Q.76. Just in time (JIT) technique is getting wider acceptance world over. The technique was first introduced in-
(1) India 
(2) America
(3) Japan 
(4) None of these
(5) All of these 
Ans: 3

Q.77. The level of commitment that consumers feel towards a given brand is called
(1) Brand equity 
(2) Brand Name
(3) Brand loyalty 
(4) None of these
(5) All of these 
Ans: 3

Q.78. Assigning specific Jobs and work places to the selected candidates is known as
(1) Placement 
(2) Recruitment
(3) Transfer 
(4) Promotion
(5) All of these 
Ans: 1

Q.79. As a councillor, a personnel manager
(1) Reminds the management of moral obligations towards employees.
(2) Encourages the employees.
(3) Tries to settle the disputes between labour & management.
(4) All of these
(5) None of these 
Ans: 2

Q.80. Information systems can assist manager by 
(1) Providing information
(2) Providing data on internal sources
(3) Directing
(4) All of the above
(5) None of these 
Ans: 4

Q.81. Warehouse Management does not include
(1) Space determination 
(2) Stock layout
(3) Stock design 
(4) Stock placement
(5) Order picking procedure 
Ans: 5

Q.82. A marketing technique where marketer plays a specific role in a particular segment is called 
(1) Mass Marketing
(2) Niche marketing
(3) Strategic Marketing
(4) Communication Marketing
(5) None of these 
Ans: 2

Q.83. Which among the following is not an example of convenience goods ?
(1) Tea 
(2) Newspaper
(3) Coffee 
(4) Shirts
(5) None of these 
Ans: 4

Q.84. In Marketing Mix 4 P’s Imply
(1) Product, Price, Place, Promotion
(2) Product, Price, Policy, Place
(3) Place, People, Product, Promotion
(4) All of the above
(5) None of these 
Ans: 1

Q.85. In Market segmentation which among the following is not an economic component
(1) Age 
(2) Gender
(3) Both 1 and 2 
(4) Income level
(5) Taxes 
Ans: 3

Q.86. Which among the following is a feature of good forecasting method
(1) Accuracy 
(2) Simplicity
(3) Economy 
(4) Availability
(5) All of these 
Ans: 5

Q.87. A person who ultimately determines any part or whole of the buying decision is called
(1) Decider 
(2) Buyer
(3) User 
(4) Influencer
(5) None of these 
Ans: 1

Q.88. When a firm sells off part of its business to another it is called
(1) Diversification 
(2) Divestment
(3) Pruning 
(4) Strategy
(5) Joint venture 
Ans: 2

Q.89. Buyer Resistance means 
(1) Buyers fighting with the salesman
(2) Reluctant salesman
(3) Indifferent Salesman
(4) Hesitant buyers
(5) None of these 
Ans: 4

Q.90. Digital Bank can be resorted through 
(1) Mobile phones 
(2) Internal
(3) Telephones 
(4) All of these
(5) None of these 
Ans: 4

Q.91. Cross selling is very effective in the sale of one of the following
(1) Debit – Card 
(2) Credit- Cards
(3) Internal- Banking 
(4) Auto Loan
(5) All of these 
Ans: 5

Q.92. Target market for debit card is 
(1) All existing account holder
(2) All sales persons
(3) All NRI’s
(4) All HNI’s
(5) All of these
Ans: 1

Q.93. SME means
(1) Small and medium enterprises
(2) Small scale marketing entities
(3) Small & medium establishments
(4) None of these 
Ans: 1

Q.94. “Out-sourcing means service rendered by
(1) Outside agencies
(2) Other departments of the company
(3) Employees other than the sales person
(4) Marketing department
(5) None of these 
Ans: 1

Q.95. Sales promotion involves, the incorrect option
(1) Building product awareness
(2) Creating interest
(3) Providing Intonation
(4) Designing new product
(5) None of these 
Ans: 4

Q.96. DSA Means
(1) District sales Authority
(2) Direct Selling Agent
(3) Distributor and Sales agent
(4) None of these
(5) All of these 
Ans: 2

Q.97. “Conversion” in sales language means
(1) Converting a buyer into a seller
(2) Converting a seller into a buyer
(3) Converting a prospect into customer
(4) All of these
(5) None of these 
Ans: 3

Q.98. Bank Marketing is treated as
(1) Transaction marketing 
(2) Service marketing
(3) Indoor marketing 
(4) all of these
(5) None of these 
Ans: 2

Q.99. Leads can be provided by
(1) friends relatives 
(2) Websites
(3) Directories 
(4) All of these
(5) None of these 
Ans: 4

Q.100. Marketing is – Find the wrong option
(1) an ancient concept
(2) a modern concept
(3) a continuous affair
(4) a team effort
(5) None of these 
Ans: 1

Q.101. Customer’s Relationship with the Bank is influenced by
(1) Customer’s attitudes
(2) Attitude of bank staff
(3) Attitudes of salesperson
(4) Good service
(5) All of these 
Ans: 5

Q.102. Delivery channel other than Bank counters are
(1) ATM’s
(2) Internet Banking
(3) Mobile Banking
(4) Tele Banking
(5) All of the above 
Ans: 5

Q.103. The Sequence of a sales process is 
(1) Lead generation, call, presentation & sale
(2) Sales, presentation, lead generation, call
(3) Lead generation, call, sale & presen tation
(4) There is no sequence required
(5) None of these 
Ans: 1

Q.104. Automated Teller machines (ATMs) are innovation for the banking industry. In terms of the service industry this is an innovation in the – element of the marketing mix.
(1) Pricing 
(2) Promotion
(3) Distribution 
(4) Product
(5) None of these 
Ans: 3

Q.105. A brand is BEST defined as a 
(1) Registered design or symbol that is displayed on the product.
(2) Related group of words that describe the product.
(3) Name, symbol, design or combination of these that identifies a seller’s product.
(4) Copyrighted word(s) that give the manu facturer exclusive ownership.
(5) Name of the manufacturer of the product.
Ans: 3

Q.106. One distinguishing factor between a brand name and a brand is that a brand Name.
(1) Creates customer loyalty
(2) Consists of word
(3) Identifies only one item in the product mix
(4) Implies an organization’s Name
(5) None of these 
Ans: 2

Q.107. When a firm uses one of its existing brand name as part of a brand name for an improved or new product, the branding is called________
(1) Individual branding
(2) Over all family branding
(3) Line family branding
(4) Brand extension branding
(5) None of these 
Ans: 4

Q.108. A carton of orange juice has no brand name and on the package only the name of the product ‘ Orange Juice’ is written. This is an example of -
(1) a manufacturer’s brand
(2) an own label brand
(3) a no frills brand
(4) a generic brand
(5) None of these 
Ans: 4

Q.109. When _____branding is used, all of a firm’s products are branded with the same name or at least part of the name:
(1) Individual
(2) Trademark
(3) Family
(4) Selective
(5) Extension 
Ans: 3

Q.110. Labeling is important for three reasons- promotional and legal reasons. What is the third reason?
(1) Marketing 
(2) Branding
(3) Strategic 
(4) Informational
(5) None of these
Ans: 4

Q.111. Labeling is important for informational, legal & reasons 
(1) Marketing 
(2) Branding
(3) Strategic 
(4) Promotional
(5) None of these 
Ans: 4

Q.112. The label and a soft drink can reads “ cool and reforesting for what reason are these words used?
(1) To provide information
(2) To encourage multiple purchases
(3) To promote the product
(4) To satisfy legal requirements
(5) None of these 
Ans: 3

Q.113. Multiple packaging is
(1) Likely to increase demand
(2) The same as family packaging
(3) The most effective type of packaging
(4) The most expensive
(5) None of these 
Ans: 2

Q.114. Marketers should view packaging as a major strategic tool, especially for
(1) Consumer Convenience products
(2) Industrial products
(3) Consumer Shopping products
(4) Specialty products
(5) None of these 
Ans: 1

Q.115. The first step in selling process
(1) Pre-approach
(2) approaching the customer
(3) Making the presentations
(4) Prospecting
(5) None of these 
Ans: 4

Q.116. Before Contacting acceptable prospects, a salesperson for an industrial cleaning equipment company analyzes information about the prospects, product need, feeling about brands, and personal characteristics. This process is called
(1) Prospecting
(2) pre approach
(3) approach
(4) making the presentation
(5) Preparing 
Ans: 5

Q.117. Which of the following is most likely to stimulate customer loyalty
(1) Coupons 
(2) Sweepstakes
(3) Frequent user incentives 
(4) Premiums
(5) Samples 
Ans: 3

Q.118. A good definition of ________ would be that it consists of direct connections with carefully targeted individual consumers to both obtain an immediate response and cultivate lasting customer relationships
(1) advertising 
(2) direct marketing
(3) sales promotion 
(4) public relations
(5) None of these 
Ans: 2

Q.119. Personal selling tries to achieve three general goals finding prospects, convincing prospects to buy and 
(1) Monitoring new products being developed
(2) Being aware of competitors sales activities
(3) Avoiding repeat sales
(4) Keeping customer satisfied
(5) None of these 
Ans: 4

Q.120. "Pure Banking Nothing Else" - Advertisement title belongs to which Bank ?
(1) Allahabad Bank
(2) State Bank of India
(3) Canara Bank
(4) Union Bank
(5) Indian Overseas Bank 
Ans: 2

Q.121. Which of the following statement is FALSE ?
(1) Marketing is a consumer – oriented process.
(2) Marketing is much more than selling and advertising.
(3) The concept of marketing is a narrow term.
(4) Marketing starts even before production starts.
(5) Marketing helps the enterprise to adapt to the changing conditions and circumstances. 
Ans: 3

Q.122. Which of the following organization gave the definition – ‘Marketing is concerned with the people and activities involved in the flow of goods and services from producer to consumer’
(1) American Marketing Association
(2) UK institute of Marketing
(3) University of Regina
(4) Harvard Law School
(5) University of Chicago 
Ans: 1

Q.123. Which of the following is NOT one of the characteristics of services ?
(1) Perishability
(2) Variability
(3) Customer Participation
(4) Tangibility
(5) Inseparability 
Ans: 4

Q.124. Which of the following sector comes under the services sectors ?
(1) Tourism
(2) Legal
(3) Transportation
(4) Communication
(5) All of these 
Ans: 5

Q.125. Expand SWOT.
(1) Strengths, Width, Opportunities, Threats
(2) Security, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats.
(3) Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
(4) Society, Weaknesses, Opportunities , Travel
(5) Systems, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Travel
Ans: 3

Q.126. Which of the following is NOT a part of ‘Product Life Cycle’ ?
(1) Introduction 
(2) Growth
(3) Saturation 
(4) Inflation
(5) Maturity 
Ans: 4

Q.127. What is meant by B2B E-business Model ?
(1) Bank-to Business
(2) Business-to Bank
(3) Building-to Business
(4) Business –to Broadcast
(5) Business-to Business 
Ans: 5

Q.128. Describe B2C model of e-business.
(1) Selling of products and services to corporates.
(2) Selling of products and services directly to consumers.
(3) Consumers name own prices, which businesses can accept or decline.
(4) Businesses selling to local state, and federal agencies.
(5) Consumers selling directly to other consumers.
Ans: 2

Q.129. Telemarketing is a form of _________
(1) Indirect Marketing 
(2) Field Marketing
(3) Virtual Marketing 
(4) Direct Marketing
(5) Online Marketing 
Ans: 4

Q.130. What is M-marketing?
(1) Mobile Marketing 
(2) Management Marketing
(3) Model Marketing 
(4) Modern Marketing
(5) Mind Marketing 
Ans: 1

Q.131. What are specialty stores?
(1) Stores that specializes in electronic goods only.
(2) Stores that specializes in a single line of goods with a deep assortment to give wider choice to customers.
(3) Stores that are managed by hawkers, pedlars, street vendors.
(4) Stores that offer great shopping convenience to customers.
(5) Stores that specializes in selling books only.
Ans: 2

Q.132. What is concept Marketing ?
(1) It is the type of marketing in which manufactures own outlets and exclusive show rooms.
(2) It is the factory outlets owned and operated by retailers.
(3) It is an act of converting a new concept into a product.
(4) It is the concept of marketing through sending messages on mobiles.
(5) None of these 
Ans: 3

Q.133. Expand ICDT Model.
(1) Information, communication, Transaction and Distribution.
(2) Investment, communication, transaction and distribution.
(3) Internet, carrier, Transaction and Distribution.
(4) Internet, communication, Transport and Distribution.
(5) Information, communication, Transportation and Distribution. 
Ans: 1

Q.134. An advertisement is not for __________.
(1) Suggesting new uses of product.
(2) Explaining how a product works.
(3) Telling about a new product.
(4) Building brand preferences.
(5) None of these 
Ans: 2

Q.135. Which of the following is NOT a base for Market segmentation ?
(1) Behavioral Segmentation
(2) Demographic Segmentation
(3) Geographic Segmentation
(4) Psychographic segmentation
(5) Status Segmentation 
Ans: 5

Q.136. Which of the following is NOT an important component of ‘PROMOTIONAL MIX’?
(1) Advertising
(2) Personal selling
(3) Sales Promotion
(4) Publicity
(5) Total quality Management 
Ans: 5
Note: There are five important components in promotional mix-
1. Advertising 
2. Personal Selleing
3. Sales promotion. 
4. Publicity and public relations.
5. Direct Marketing

Q.137. Advertising is a non- personal mass communication by an _____________ sponsor.
(1) Unidentified 
(2) Identified
(3) Powerful 
(4) Spontaneous
Ans: 2

Q.138. Which of the following factors do not affect the ‘Pricing Policy’ of a company ?
(1) Cost 
(2) Demand
(3) Competition 
(4) Distribution Channel
(5) Standard of living 
Ans: 5

Q.139. The task of creating strong customer loyalty is called
(1) Accountable Marketing
(2) Total Quality Marketing
(3) Relationship Marketing
(4) Direct Marketing
(5) None of these 
Ans: 3

Q.140. What is meant by the term ‘Brand insistence?
(1) A buyer will buy the brand but has an open mind to try another brand.
(2) A buyer insists on purchasing one brand only and will not accept a substitute.
(3) A buyer has no knowledge of the existence of brand.
(4) A buyer favors the purchase of the brand
(5) A buyer has a strong attachment to the brand and will not accept a substitute if brand is available.
Ans: 2

Q.141. Which of the following statements is correct?
(1) Marketing is the term used to refer only to the sales function within a firm.
(2) Marketing managers usually don’t get involved in production or distribution decisions.
(3) Marketing is an activity that considers only the needs of the organization, not the needs of society as a whole.
(4) Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering and
exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, society at large.
(5) None of these 
Ans: 4

Q.142. The term marketing refers to ———
(1) New product concepts and improvements
(2) Advertising and promotion activities
(3) A philosophy that stresses customer value and satisfaction
(4) Planning sales campaigns
(5) None of these 
Ans: 3

Q.143. In the history of marketing, when did the production period end?
(1) In the late 1800s
(2) In the early 1900s
(3) In the 1920s
(4) After the end of the Second World War
(5) None of these 
Ans: 3

Q.144. A marketing philosophy summarized by the phrase “a good product will sell itself” is characteristic of the ——— period.
(1) Production 
(2) Sales
(3) Marketing 
(4) Relationship
(5) None of these 
Ans: 1

Q.145. Which of the following factors contributed to the transition from the production period to the sales period?
(1) Increased consumer demand
(2) More sophisticated production techniques
(3) Increase in urbanization
(4) The Great Depression
(5) None of these 
Ans: 2

Q.146. An organisation with a ———— orientation assumes that customers will resist purchasing products not deemed essential.
(1) Production 
(2) Marketing
(3) Relationship 
(4) Sales
(5) None of these 
Ans: 4

Q.147. In the relationship marketing firms focus on ——— relationships with —————.
(1) Short term; customers and suppliers
(2) Long term; customers and suppliers
(3) Short term; customers
(4) Long term; customers
(5) None of these
Ans: 2

Q.148. Political campaigns are generally examples of ———.
(1) Cause marketing
(2) Organization marketing
(3) Event marketing
(4) Person marketing
(5) None of these 
Ans: 4

Q.149. The Coca Cola organisation is an official sponsor of the Olympics. The firm is engaging in ——
(1) Place marketing
(2) Event marketing
(3) Person marketing
(4) Organization marketing
(5) None of these 
Ans: 2

Q.150. Today’s marketers need …....
(1) Neither creativity nor critical thinking skills
(2) Both creativity and critical thinking skills
(3) Critical thinking skills but not creativity
(4) Creativity but not critical thinking skills
(5) None of these 
Ans: 2

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